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Family Photographs

William, George, Elzear, and Jane (Hayes) Howder
Left to Right: William, George, & Elzear Howder. Seated: Jane (Hayes) Howder
Washington, DC. Early 1920's.

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Barber, Herbert Spencer (1882-1950) Individual photo.
Bell, James Annie (1868-1925) Individual photo.
Caldwell, James Phaon (1883-1944) Individual photo.
Chapman, Mary Lucinda (1851-1932) Individual & group photo.
Dickerson, Christopher John (1828-1872) Individual photo.
Dickerson, Walter Paul (1860-1926) Dickerson Building (drawing); Newport, KY.
Fenton, Catherine (1874-1934) Group & residence photo.
Haycraft, Charles Isaac (1896-X) Group photo.
Haycraft, Everett Fairfield (1893-X) Group photo.
Haycraft, Glenn Goodwin (1911-X) Group photo.
Haycraft, Isaac Grant (1865-1948) Group photo.
Haycraft, Kenneth Clair (1907-X) Group photo.
Haycraft, Sylvester Jolly (1904-X) Group photo.
Hayes, Jane (1858-1929) Group photo.
Hensley, Nancy Elizabeth (1875-X) Individual photo.
Hevener, Charles H. (1865-?) Group photo.
Hevener, Maurice Dwight (1891-1948) Group photo.
Hevener, Muriel Joy (1894-?) Group photo.
Howder, Elzear John (1905-X) Group photo.
Howder, George (1801-1856) Homestead photo
Howder, George Edward (1891-1953) Group photo.
Howder, George Roderick (1858-1926) Group photo.
Howder, Lewis Henry (1860-1928) Several items.
Howder, Louis Hayes (1902-X) Individual & group photo.
Howder, Marie Josephine (1894-X) Individual & house photo.
Howder, Mary Ann (1831-?) Individual photo.
Howder, Mary Edith (1890-X) Group photo.
Howder, Rosa Nell (1892-X) Group photo.
Howder, William Joseph (1900-X) Group photo.
Hull, Charles Francis (1864-1947) Individual & group photo.
Hull, Corry Ruggles (1882-1957) Individual photo.
Hull, Edwin Alonzo (1860-1932) Individual & Group photo.
Hull, Edwin Sealy (1818-1909) Individual & group photo.
Hull, Emily Ann (1853-1935) Group photo.
Hull, Emma M. (1871-1943) Individual & group photo.
Hull, James Henry Lauriston (1843-1906) Individual & Group photo.
Hull, Marvin Ross (1877-1938) Individual photo.
Hull, Minnow Ellis (1870-1934) Group photo.
Hull, Sarah Eleanor (1855-1916) Group photo.
Hull, Thomas Fulton (1848-1926) Group photo.
Hull, Thomas Philip (1823-1911) Individual photo.
Jones, Trevor Cyril (abt. 1882-?) Group photo.
McGaughy, Doris Claire (1906-?) Group photo.
McGaughy, Helon Elizabeth (1902-?) Group photo.
McGaughy, Sr., John Henry (1860-1942) Individual & group photo.
McGaughy, Jr., John Henry (1908-X) Two group photos.
Meyers, Mary Anne Elizabeth Eudora (1872-1923) Group photo.
O'Connor, Camille Mary (1906-X) Individual & two group photos.
O'Connor, Thomas Maurice (1868-X) Individual, group & residence photo.
Priest, Herbert Loren (1862-1946) Individual & group photo.
Priest, Joshua Van Renssalaer (1837-1932) Individual & group photo.
Priest, Maude A. E. (1870-X) Group photo.
Sampson, Albert Smith (1831-1892) Individual photos (Civil War ear).
Saniter, Arnold Albert Franz (1910-X) Individual & group photo.
Saniter, Arthur Charles (1905-X) Individual & group photo.
Saniter, Charles W. (1867-1927) Individual & group photo.
Saniter, Clara Laura (1892-X) Individual & group photo.
Saniter, Edna Selma Amanda (1908-X) Individual & group photo.
Saniter, Edwin Henry (1897-X) Individual & group photo.
Saniter, Elsie Hermina Elizabeth (1895-X) Individual & group photo.
Saniter, Frances Irene (1900-X) Individual & group photo.
Saniter, Leona Martha (1903-X) Individual & group photo.
Saniter, Leonard Emil Theodore (1898-1947) Individual & group photo.
Scheid, George (1865-?) Individual & group photo.
Scheid, Milo M. (1883-?) Individual photo.
Steele, Charles Frederick (1891-?) House photo.
Sylvester, ________ (?-?) Individual photo.
Sylvester, Abigail Frances (1839-1895) Individual photo.
Sylvester, Byrl Edwin (1892-1918) Group photo.
Sylvester, Charles Carroll (1830-1908) Individual photo.
Sylvester, Daisy Joanna (1890-X) Group photo.
Sylvester, Daniel Robbins (abt. 1827-X) Commemerative Monument.
Sylvester, Eben Whitney (1820-1906) Individual photo.
Sylvester, Edwin Lawrence (1859-1930) House photo.
Sylvester, Jr., Edwin Lawrence (1900-X) Group photo.
Sylvester, Eugene Mitchell (1869-1936) Individual photo.
Sylvester, Jr., Eugene (1893-?) Individual photo.
Sylvester, Florence (1895-?) Group photo.
Sylvester, George Washington (1828-1876) House Photo.
Sylvester, Meta (1887-1935) Individual photo.
Sylvester, Park Dillon (1889-1933) Group photo.
Wall, James Edgar (Dr.) (1857-1910) Individual photo.
Whitney, Benjamin Morse (1806-1890) Individual photo.
Whitney, Royal Thaxter (1832-?) Individual photo.
Willenbockel, Ida Emma. (1870-1945) Individual & group photo.
Windsor, Mary Catherine (1899-?) Individual photo.
Witte, August (1839-1911) Witte Outhouse at "Old World Wisconsin."
Young, Sarah Ann (1826-1906) Group photo.

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