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Old Howder Homestead, front viewOld Howder Homestead, side view from a distance
Old Howder Homestead, Lower Mountain Road, Cambria (Niagara County), NY.
George Howder built the stone house in the 1830's. The family built the barn in the early 20th Century after the original frame barn burned. The property remained in the Howder family until about 1945.
Special thanks to Herman Stephan for supplying these photographs.






A lot of speculation surrounds the origin of the Howders and I have not discovered the original immigrant. In the late Eighteenth Century they resided in Pennsylvania. They then migrated to Niagara County, New York where they resided from about 1810 through the 1940's.


Henry Sealy Hull immigrated to the United States from England probably between 1815 and 1817. He settled originally in North Carolina, lived briefly in Georgia, and returned to North Carolina. His sons moved to Texas in the 1850's where many of their descendants remain today.


One side of our family came almost entirely from Germany. Many of the newly-arrived immigrants or their children settled in Dodge & Jefferson Counties in Wisconsin primarily in the vicinity of Watertown.


William McGaughey was born in Ireland and moved to Scotland where he married Margaret __ [surname unknown]. They immigrated to the colonies around 1738 and settled in Pennsylvania. My branch moved to Tennessee then to Alabama, to Mississippi and finally to Texas.


Richard Silvester and Naomi __ [surname unknown] arrived in the colonies from England in 1630. The family settled in Massachusetts, and my branch moved to what would become Maine in 1762. They next moved to Wisconsin in 1844, and to Minnesota soon thereafter, before settling in Texas around the turn of the twentieth century.


John Whitney and Elinor __ [surname unknown] traveled from England to the colonies in 1635, settling in Massachusetts. By the 1660's my branch relocated to what would become Maine, where they remained until 1844 when Joanna Whitney Sylvester moved with her husband and children to Wisconsin (see Sylvester, above).