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The Howder Surname on the Web

Welcome to the Howder Surname Page, the largest independent site dedicated to one of the smallest constituencies in the United States

This site is intended to be a central gathering point for all information relating to the surname Howder, and possibly related surnames such as Houder, Houter, Hauder, Haueter, Hauter, and Hauters. It is also the homepage for the Howder genealogy e-mail list maintained on the rootsweb.com server. I welcome any comments or additions you may have.

The Howder Research Project

An attempt is being made to tie together all of the Howders in the United States to a common ancestor(s). I am collecting information from public records such as the Census and from genealogy files donated by readers such as yourself. If you are a Howder, or are related to a Howder, would you please consider contacting me and providing details on your Howder line? And, of course, if I find a match with my records I will gladly to share what I have with you.

The central repository of information will be kept off-line and will be used to determine the origin and interrelationships of the various Howder groupings in the United States. It will serve as a collection for all Howder genealogy sources.

You can reach me from my e-mail page.

The Official Howder Count

I have received e-mail from:

TWENTY people named Howder.
NINE people named Haueter.
FOUR people named Hauter.
FOUR people named Van Hauter.
TWO people named Hauters.
ONE person named Hauther.
ONE person named Houder.
ONE person named Hauder.

Make yourself known!

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