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Old Howder Homestead, front view Old Howder Homestead, side view from a distance
Old Howder Homestead, Lower Mountain Road, Cambria (Niagara County), NY.
The stone house was built by George Howder in the 1830's. The barn was built in the early 20th Century after the original frame barn burned. The property remained in the Howder family until about 1945.
Special thanks to Herman Stephan for supplying these photographs.
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Father: Christian HOWDER
Mother: Mary HOUSTATER

Family 1: Mary WESCOTT

(1) Mathews family records, November 29, 2001.

  1. Laura G. HOWDER
  2. John M. HOWDER
  3. Mary Ann HOWDER
  4. Sylvester R. HOWDER
  5. Clarissa D. HOWDER

                    |                 |__
 _Christian HOWDER _|
|                   |                  __
|                   |_________________|
|                                     |__
|--George HOWDER
|                                      __
|                    _Adam HOUSTETER _|
|                   |                 |__
|_Mary HOUSTATER ___|
                    |                  __


Updated December 12, 2014. Compiled by Howder (www.howderfamily.com) from the following source(s):

(1) Erlenkotter Family Records.

"On 18 June 1824 George HOWDER and his wife Mary of Lockport, Niagara County, NY sold to Elisha W. GARDNER of Farmington, Ontario County, NY for $85 one undivided tenth part of about 52 acres in lot 89 and about 38 acres in the southeast part of lot 104 in Farmington, their share by heirship from Nathan WESCOAT, deceased [Ontario County Deed Records, Book 59, p. 280]."

(2) 1830 Census, Cambria, Niagara Co., NY

- George HOWDER is the head of a household in Lockport Town. There is 1 male under five years, one male between 30-40 years, one female between 5-10 years and one female between 30-40 years in the household.

(3) Application for probate of the last will and testament of Christian Howder, Niagara Co., NY, May 28, 1832.

- Resident of Niagara County NY.

(4) Record filed with the clerk of the court, Niagara County, NY, January 21, 1839.

- George HOWDER, a resident of Cambria, is listed as a subscriber of the Canal Bank of Lockport, with six shares worth $600.

(5) 1840 United States Census for New York, Niagara Co., Cambria, No. 4.

George HOWDER is head of household. The household includes nine members: five men (2 between 5-10 years, 1 between 10-15 years, 1 between 15-20 years, 1 between 40-50) and four women (1 between 5-10 years, 1 between 15-20 years, 1 between 20-40 years, 1 between 60-70 years)

(6) 1850 United States Census for New York, Niagara Co., Cambria: August 26, 1850.

George HOWDER is head of household, married to Mary [WESCOTT] HOWDER. He is 49 years old, a farmer with real estate valued at $7,600, and he was born in Pennsylvania. Children in the household include John, Mary A., Sylvester and Clarissa HOWDER. George's sister, Nancy [HOWDER] ROBINSON and family live nearby.

(7) 1855 New York State Census, Town of Cambria, County of Niagara, dwelling 116, family 125.

- Stone house. Farm output included hay, winter wheat, oats, corn, potatoes, apples (and cider), honey, milk, butter, wool, poultry and eggs. - In addition to the family, two "servants" are listed: Comadore PERRY and William CONNER.

(8) In the Surrogate of the County of Niagara (NY), petition of Mary HOWDER for the settlement of the estate of George HOWDER, who died on the Nineteenth of November 1856 without a will; December 1, 1856.

- Value of the estate does not exceed "the sum of two thousand dollars."
- Lists spouse (widow) and children.

(9) Mortgage on the estate of George HOWDER, filed Niagara County, NY, September 14, 1859.

- Also lists spouse (widow) and children.

(10) Petition for Final Settlement to the Surrogate of the County of Niagara (NY), for the estate of George HOWDER, January 23, 1860.

- Again establishes spouse (widow) and children.

(11) Find a Grave via Ancestry.com

- Name: George HOWDER
- Birth: 1801; Pennsylvania, USA
- Death: Nov. 19, 1856; Lockport, Niagara County, New York, USA
- Burial: Glenwood Cemetery; Lockport, Niagara County, New York, USA