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Father: Thomas WHITNEY
Mother: Mary BRAY

Family 1: Elinor //

(1) Whitney Research Group: John WHITNEY… "married first, before 1619, at or near London, England, Elinor -----."

  1. Mary WHITNEY
  2. John WHITNEY
  3. Richard WHITNEY
  4. Nathaniel WHITNEY
  5. Thomas WHITNEY
  6. Jonathan WHITNEY
  7. Joshua WHITNEY
  8. Caleb WHITNEY
  9. Benjamin WHITNEY
Family 2: Judah // (1) Whitney Research Group: John WHITNEY… " married second, 29 Sep 1659, Watertown, MA, Judah (-----) Clement... widow of Robert Clement. Judah ----- was born circa 1595. She married Robert Clement between 1642 and 1657 at Haverhill, MA. She died before 3 Apr 1673, Watertown, MA, since her husband did not mention her in his will."
                 |                   |__
 _Thomas WHITNEY_|
|                |                    __
|                |___________________|
|                                    |__
|                                     __
|                 _John BRAY_________|
|                |                   |__
|_Mary BRAY______|
                 |                    __
                 |_Margaret HASLONDE_|


Updated November 28, 2015. Compiled by Howder (www.howderfamily.com) from the following source(s):

(1) Reed, Paul C., "Whitney Origins Revisited: John-1 Whitney of Watertown, Massachusetts, and Henry-1 Whitney of Long Island and Norwalk, Connecticut," The American Genealogist, Vol. 69, No., 1 (Jan 1994), pp. 9-14.

(2) Jacobus, M.A., Donald Lines, of New Haven, Conn., "Pre-American Ancestries: John Whitney of Watertown, Mass.," The American Genealogist, Vol. 10 (1933-1934), pp. 84-88.

Sources (1) and (2) cast serious doubt upon any claims of a Royal connection, particularly as put forth in Henry Melville's "The Ancestry of John Whitney." Those who include a Royal relationship in their Whitney genealogy would be wise to review these articles because the evidence for fraudulent research is quite persuasive.

(3) Massachusetts, Town and Vital Records via Ancestry.com

- Name: John WHITNY
- Event Type: Death
- Birth Date: abt 1589
- Death Date: 1 Jun 1673
- Death Place: Watertown, Massachusetts
- Death Age: 84

(4) Whitney Research Group.

- John WHITNEY was the son of Thomas and Mary (BRAY) WHITNEY; Mary BRAY was the daughter of John and Margaret (HASLONDE) BRAY.
- July 20, 1592: christened in Westminster, London, England.
- February 22, 1607: apprenticed to William PRING of the Old Bailey (Merchant Taylor's Company)
- March 13, 1614: freed of his apprentice bond
- bef. 1619: married Elinor // [surname unknown].
- May 1635: emigrated from England, sailing on the "Elizabeth and Anne," arriving in Boston midsummer.
- abt. Jun 1635: settled in Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA. Remained at his 16 or 17 acre homestead a little north of Belmont Street and East of Common Street until he passed away.
- March 3, 1635/36: admitted as freeman.
- 1638-1655: served as selectman several years.
- June 1, 1641: elected constable by the Court.
- 1655: served as town clerk.
- September 29, 1659: married Judah // [surname unknown].
- June 1, 1673: died and buried in Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA: "John and Elinor WHITNEY are probably buried in Watertown's 'Old Burying Ground', now called the Arlington Street Cemetery. However, if they ever had grave markers, they have long since vanished or eroded, and the exact location of their graves may never be known. This is based upon information from the Watertown historian who stated that this was the active cemetery at that time, and that few burials were performed outside of the cemetery at that time."