Caleb Barker SYLVESTER

Caleb Barker SYLVESTER Tombstone
Family Plot and Tombstone
Caleb and Joanna [Whitney] Sylvester

Graceland Cemetery, Mineral Point, Iowa Co., WI

Father: Charles SYLVESTER
Mother: Lucy BARKER

Family 1: Joanna WHITNEY

(1) Family History, Volume S(4), Sylvester, Daughters of the American Revolution library, Washington, DC., p. 2.

  1. Eben Whitney SYLVESTER
  2. Eliza Anne SYLVESTER
  3. Lydia SYLVESTER
  4. Sylvanus SYLVESTER
  5. George Washington SYLVESTER
  6. Charles Carroll SYLVESTER
  7. Caleb Barker SYLVESTER
  8. Franklin SYLVESTER
  9. Attila SYLVESTER
  10. Abigail Frances SYLVESTER
  11. John Fairfield SYLVESTER
  12. Emma Luci SYLVESTER

                                           _William SILVESTER _
                      _William SYLVESTER _|
                     |                    |_Mary BARSTOW ______
 _Charles SYLVESTER _|
|                    |                     ____________________
|                    |_Mary Springer LOW _|
|                                         |____________________
|--Caleb Barker SYLVESTER
|                                          _John BARKER _______
|                     _Caleb BARKER ______|
|                    |                    |_Grace TURNER ______
|_Lucy BARKER _______|
                     |                     ____________________
                     |_Illathera HOWLAND__|


Updated May 21, 2011. Compiled by Howder ( from the following source(s):

(1) Commemorative Biographical Record of the Counties of Rock, Green, Grant, Iowa and Lafayette Wisconsin. Chicago: J. H. Beers & Co., 1901. Pages 432-433.

"born Aug 9, 1793, at Bath, Maine, but removed in early life to the town of Phillips, where he followed the business of surveyor and filled numerous official positions, including that of member of the Legislature. In 1844 he came to Wisconsin, and, two years later, settled in the town of Mifflin, Iowa county, where he reached the age of nearly seventy-five years."

(2) "From Maine to the Midwest, The Sylvester Family Journey to Wisconsin in 1844." Desert Tracker, the Journal of the West Valley Genealogical Society: Maricopa County, Arizona: Volume 25, Number 1, Spring 2004.

Caleb Barker SYLVESTER and his wife Joanna [WHITNEY] SYLVESTER undertook a journey from their home in New England to settle in south, central Wisconsin in 1844. The journey took place in several steps:

- Boston, MA by boat.
- Worcester, MA
- Springfield, MA
- Albany, NY
- Buffalo, NY by way of the Erie Canal
- Chicago, IL via the Great Lakes
- Southern Wisconsin by horse

(3) United States Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management General Land Office Records.

- May 10, 1850: Purchased 40 acres in Iowa Co., WI; Part SENE, Section 6, Township 5-N, Range 1-E.

(4) 1850 United States Census for Wisconsin, Iowa Co., Mifflin Twp.: District No. 6; Household 1094; September 19, 1850.

Caleb SYLVESTER is head of household, married to Joanna [WHITNEY] SYLVESTER. He was born in Maine, is 57 years old, and is a farmer with real estate valued at $1,000. The children listed are: George W., Charles, Caleb, Franklin, Atilla, Abbie F., JohnF., and Luci A.

(5) 1860 United States Census Wisconsin, Iowa Co., the Town of Mifflin, Mifflin Post Office: Page 70; July 6, 1860.

Caleb (listed as "Charles") SYLVESTER is head of household, married to Joanna (listed as "Johanna") [WHITNEY] SYLVESTER. He is 66 years old, a farmer with real estate valued at $4,500 and personal estate valued at $1,150, and was born in Maine. Children In the household are John Fairfield and Emma. Other residents include Leroy Ellis, 25, born in Ohio and George Cook, 15, born in Canada. Two of Caleb's sons married women with the surname Cook who were born in Canada, but their relationship if any to George Cook is presently unknown. The households of Lorenzo STEVENS (Caleb's son-in-law), Caleb BAKER (son-in-law), and Eben W. SYLVESTER (son) are all found on the same page of the Census record.

(6) Schafer, Joseph,. The Wisconsin Lead Region. Madison: State Historical Society of Wisconsin, 1932 via

Caleb SYLVESTER is listed as an early pioneer farmer in the Wisconsin lead region, born in Maine, along with Abel W. SYLVESTER, John B. SYLVESTER and Lorenzo STEVENS.

"The distinction of this group of farms proves that the prairie was coming into its own as a choice farming district. And it is testimony to the holding power of lands like these that forty years later the 40 farmers of 1860 were represented by at least half that number of their descendants, occupying the identical lands."

(7) Family History, Volume S(4), Sylvester, Daughters of the American Revolution library, Washington, DC., p. 2.

(8) Listed in Daughters of the American Revolution membership records 157305 (issued 1920), 481880 (issued 1961) and 569548 (issued 1972), and many others that are much older.

(9) The History of Gorham Maine, by Hugh D. McLellan, Picton Press, Camden, ME (originally published 1903 by Smith & Sale, Portland, ME), 1992. Page 834.

(10) The History of Wabasha County [MN], 1920. Biography of George W. SYLVESTER.

"Caleb SYLVESTER was a sturdy Maine farmer who achieved something of a name for himself as a mathematician and surveyor. In 1844 he brought his family to Wisconsin, took a farm near Pattengill, and there devoted the remainder of his long and useful life to farming."

(11) Site visit to the Sylvester Family Plot (N 42° 51.473, W 090° 11.743 ±26'), Graceland Cemetery, Mineral Point, Iowa Co., WI, July 9, 2004.

The SYLVESTER family tombstone lists several individuals including Caleb Sylvester, and the notation "Natives of Maine." He is recorded as "Caleb Died Feb. 16, 1868 Aged 74-6-7."