The Triple Frontier

On June 20, 2009 · 3 Comments

Twelve Mile Circle reader "jlumsden" returned from vacation in South America recently and sent me a couple of photographs of the Triple Frontier (La Triple Frontera in Spanish, Tríplice Fronteira in Portuguese). This is the area where Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay come together at a common spot, an international tripoint. He wondered if this type of oddity interested me, and of course, it most absolutely does.

I’m not always able to see these these sights on my own but I love the next best thing: hearing from all of you as you reach your personal geographic milestones. Kudos to jlumsden and his tripoint!

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I’ve received permission to share his tripoint photos below, but please visit the jlumsden photostream on flickr where he’s stored his "good" photos under the "Southern Core" set. The tripoint photos here are functional. The images on his site have artistic merit.

Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay meet at a point

This is the Three Border Landmark in Argentina so naturally that country gets prominent placement front-and-center. Also Brazil has been listed as Brasil, using its Portuguese (and Spanish) spelling. I should note that a purist would probably scoff at this claim since the actual tripoint is located in the middle of the river. True enough. However, one would need proper documentation for all three countries and a boat to accomplish that to that purist’s satisfaction, and I am not a purist. Upon reading the appropriate Wikipedia page I realized that perhaps it might not be such a good idea to jump across various borders here. Personally I consider anyone reaching this marker to be "close enough" and well deserving of accolades.

A view of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay

Here is a nighttime view. It’s a little dark but Argentina is in the foreground, Brazil is across the river on the right, and Paraguay is across the river on the left. Lights twinkle along the riverbanks. Everything appears peaceful and serene.

Thanks again, jlumsden. It looks like you had a great time… wish I could have been there too.

On June 20, 2009 · 3 Comments

3 Responses to “The Triple Frontier”

  1. Miguel says:

    Is there a mistake with the border on the Google Maps site? Is the border meant to be the river itself? Looks like the border touches the western shore of the river?

    • Someone asked me that same question off-line, and upon further checking, it does indeed appear to be an error in Google Maps. The most convincing evidence I could find was this photo on Panoramio. Bring the photo to it’s highest resolution and you can see a sign on the white building in the foreground. It reads…."Bienvenidos al Paraguay."

  2. Lidiane - Brasil says:

    Hello, I am Brazilian and I realized that the reader who sent the photos have not visited or not sent pictures of Iguazu Falls, in my opinion, most beautiful place in the world. Big hug 😀

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