Email 12MC

PLEASE NOTE: I don’t check this email box daily any more now that I’ve placed the site on semi-retirement. It may take a few days for me to get back to you.

Sometimes personal email messages are better than public comments posted for the whole world to see. I understand that and I have an email mailbox set-aside especially for those occasions. You should always feel free to contact me with suggestions, story ideas, anecdotes, collaborations, travel adventures, geography photos and the like. I love getting email messages like that, and I’ve formed many great virtual friendships as a result.

However, please understand that there are situations where I’m likely to ignore your email message. If you have a theory about a mysterious happening or a government cover-up, I am sure it’s well-considered but I don’t have the knowledge or skills to help you develop it or promote it. Likewise, if you are a student working on a homework assignment, please look elsewhere. You won’t learn anything being spoon-fed answers and I am not your research service. Messages like those go directly into the trash.

If don’t fit into either of those categories… Great! Keep reading.

OK, I’m going to have to be a little cryptic to keep the spambots from stealing my email address. You should be able to figure it out from the information I provide here without any difficulty though. First, I’ve named the account after the blog but with all the spaces removed. So that would be twelvemilecircle. Next, my email provider is gmail. Put those all together in the form of an email address and it will get to me without delay.

Got that? See, not too difficult.

Tom Howder