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Baltimore Brewing Co. / DeGroen's

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Closed 2005
Also see the BIG VISIT MAP 104 Albemarle St., Baltimore, MD

I have visited Baltimore Brewing Co. / DeGroen's,
in the City of Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

Brewery/Brewpub Location Map

Reason for Visit: I was frequently in the area. This was probably the second brewpub I ever visited, and it was one of the influences on my appreciation of lovingly hand-crafted beverages. They featured German-style beers only. The restaurant sat just a couple of blocks away from Baltimore's famous Inner Harbor, on the edge of Little Italy.

DeGroen's Coaster Front of Coaster: The Baltimore Brewing Company logo sits in the upper center. It features King Gambrinus perched on a barrel raising a chalice in his right hand. He is flanked on each side by a horizontal stalk of barley, all encircled by the name of the brewery. Below in much larger letters it reads "DeGroen's Beers." A blue perimeter band contains the names of beer styles they produced: Weizen; Altfest; Rauchbock; Pils, Maibock; Dunkles; Helles; Weizenbock; Märzen; and Doppelbock. This order is repeated twice. The background contains a faint yellow image of hops and barley.
DeGroen's Coaster - Back Back of Coaster: It describes several beer styles they produced: "M‰rzen - Smooth, with a firm, malty body throughout, this amber lager is an authentic Oktoberfest brew to be enjoyed year 'round. 5.4% abv. Dunkles - A Munich style dark lager, brewed with a high quantity of caramel malts, giving it a dark color and a pleasant roasted flavor. 5.3% abv. Pils - This lager beer originates from the Czech city of Pilsen. It is light in color and a medium bodied beer. A generous portion of Saaz hops from Bohemia provides a thoroughly spicy bouquet and a dry finish. 5.3% abv. Weizen - A truly authentic 'Hefeweizen'. Malted wheat gives this top fermented beer its name and refreshing flavor. Bavarian yeast yields a fruity and spicy taste, making it a summer favorite. 4.9% abv. Seasonal beers - Altfest in January-February, Rauchbock in March-April, Maibock in May-June, Helles in July-September, Weizenbock in October-November and our Gold Medal winner Doppelbock in December!"
Another DeGroen's Coaster Front of Coaster: This one has a simpler design, but is by no means simple, and has many interesting features. The foreground is dominated by the DeGroen's moniker, superimposed over a capital letter "D" rendered in a 3-D style. A red upper arc proclaims "Baltimore" and a red low arc reads "Brewing Co." These two arcs are joined by yellow horizontal piping, encompassing the entire set of items described thus far. This gives an appearance somewhat like an open mouth. Faintly printed diagonally on the blue background is, once again, the name of the brewery.
Another DeGroen's Coaster - Back Back of Coaster: This one is substantially similar to the previous coaster. Novice customers could use the back of this coaster to choose something close to what they would ordinarily prefer or to try something more adventurous.
DeGroen's Pint Glass Glassware: The pint glass features the King Gambrinus brewery logo described on the first coaster as well as "DeGroen's Beers" in its familiar font below.
Baltimore Brewing Mug Glassware: The mug featured only the King Gambrinus logo and demoted him to Duke.

Photo courtesy of Jon Jones.

Sample list of beers produced by Baltimore Brewing Co. / DeGroen's

Items featured on these breweriana pages are personal souvenirs of my visits to these locations, and an expression of the events and travels leading to their collection. They are not for sale or for trade.

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