The 400+ Breweries and Brewpubs I have visited


In December 1995, my wife and I met a guy at the Great Dane Pub in Madison, Wisconsin who claimed to have been to a hundred different brewpubs. I believed him because he was able to describe several brewpubs that I'd visited before, that were nowhere near Wisconsin. I began the quest to hit the magic 100 myself and finally reached it more than three years later on January 17, 1999 at Brewer's Alley in Frederick, Maryland (and have gone on to more than quadruple that too). It hasn't been easy but it's sure been fun. We've even planned entire vacations around brewpub visits.

I use a rather subjective method for counting visits. A brewery or brewpub with a single location automatically counts as one. Chain brewpubs such as Rock Bottom count as one no matter how many locations I visit because of their similarity of beer, food and decor. Sometimes I'll count a chain more than once when I perceive sufficient differentiation, such as with Rock Bottom's District Chophouse, or with any of the McMenamins locations. I've visited several large breweries but they generally count as zero (except for Castlemaine Perkins Ltd. because it's all the way in Australia). For the most part it's a pretty conservative definition.

You can also see these locations plotted on a map at my Brewery Map page. Or feel free to return to my Brewing Arts page. Yet another option is to try the Coaster Collection page or the Glassware Collection page.

  1. 10 Barrel Brewing Co. (Bend, OR) [2 photographs].
  2. 16 Mile Brewing Company (Georgetown, DE).
  3. 2nd Story Brewing Company (Philadelphia, PA).
  4. 21st Amendment Brewery Cafe (San Francisco, CA). [coaster]
  5. 3 Stars Brewing Company (Washington, DC).
  6. 3rd Wave Brewing Co. (Delmar, DE).
  7. 5 Seasons Brewing (Sandy Springs, GA location). [3 photographs]
  8. 75th Street Brewery (Kansas City, MO). [pint glass]
  9. A1A Ale Works (St. Augustine, FL). [photo]
  10. Abita Brewing Company (Abita Springs, LA; brewpub & brewery). [coaster, pint glass, mardi gras beads]
  11. Acadian Brewing Company (New Orleans, LA, closed).
  12. Alaskan Brewery (Juneau, AK). [2 coasters, 2 pint glass, 3 shirts, 2 photographs]
  13. Alcatraz Brewing Co. (Indianapolis, IN, location closed). [coaster, pint glass]
  14. Ale Asylum (Madison, WI). [coaster, T-shirt, 2 photographs]
  15. America's Brewing Company (Aurora, IL, closed). [coaster]
  16. Anchor Brewing Co. (San Francisco, CA). [3 coasters, pint glass, sweat shirt]
  17. Angelic Brewing Co. (Madison, WI, closed). [2 coasters, pint glass]
  18. Answer Brewpub (Richmond, VA).
  19. Animas Brewing Company (Durango, CO).
  20. Appalachian Brewing Co. (Harrisburg, PA location). [pint glass]
  21. Ardent Craft Ales (Richmond, VA).
  22. Asheville Brewing Co. (Asheville, NC).
  23. Assets Grille & Brewing Company (Albuquerque, NM, closed). [pint glass]
  24. Atlanta Beer Garten Brewery Restaurant (Atlanta, GA, closed). [2 coasters]
  25. Avery Brewing Co. (Boulder, CO).
  26. B.O.B's Brewery (Grand Rapids, MI).
  27. Babe's Bar-B-Que Grill & Brewhouse (Rancho Mirage, CA).
  28. Bacchus Brewing Company (St. Louis, MO, brewpub closed).
  29. Back Bay Brewing Company (Boston, MA, closed). [2 coasters; pint glass]
  30. Baltimore Brewing Company / DeGroen's Grill (Baltimore, MD, closed). [2 coasters, pint glass]
  31. Bank Brewing Company (Coos Bay, OR, closed). [coaster, 2 photographs]
  32. Bardo Rodeo (Arlington, VA, closed). [coaster, growler, 3 T-shirts]
  33. Barley and Hops Grill & Microbrewery (Frederick, MD).
  34. Barnhouse Brewery (Leesburg, VA).
  35. Barrel House Brewing Co. (Cincinnati, OH).
  36. Bathtub Row Brewing Co-op (Los Alamos, NM).
  37. Beer Company (San Diego, CA).
  38. Bellows Brew Pub (Watertown, WI, brewpub closed). [pint glass, photograph]
  39. Bell's Brewery (Kalamazoo, MI).
  40. Below the Radar Brewhouse (Huntsville, AL).
  41. Beltway Brewing Company (Sterling, VA).
  42. Bend Brewing Co. (Bend, OR). [coaster, 2 photographs]
  43. Big Bear Brewing Company (Coral Springs, FL). [several photographs]
  44. Big House Brewing Company (Albany, NY, closed). [pint glass]
  45. Big Oyster Brewery (Lewes, DE location).
  46. Big River Brewing Company (Orlando, FL, and Nashville, TN locations). [coaster]
  47. Bighorn/RAM Brewing Company (Tacoma, WA location). [2 coasters, imperial pint glass]
  48. Bitter End Bistro & Brewery (Austin, TX, closed). [pint glass]
  49. Blue & Gray Brewing Co. (Fredericksburg, VA). [several photos]
  50. Blue Mountain Brewery (Afton, VA). [Label, sampler glass, photos]
  51. Blue-N-Gold (Arlington, VA, brewpub closed). [coaster, pint glass, matchbox]
  52. Blue Ridge Brewing Co. (Charlottesville, VA, brewpub closed). [coaster]
  53. Blue Star Brewing Company (San Antonio, TX). [pint glass, T-shirt]
  54. Bluegrass Brewing Co. (St. Matthews location, Louisville, KY).
  55. Bluejacket (Washington, DC).
  56. Boneyard Beer (Bend, OR). [ceramic mug, photos]
  57. Borinquen Grill & Brewing Co. (San Juan, PR, closed). [pint glass]
  58. Boscos (Nashville, TN).
  59. Boston Beer Works (Boston, MA). [coaster, photographs]
  60. Brandywine Brewing Co. (Wilmington, DE, closed). [coaster]
  61. Breckenridge Brewery (Denver, CO and Omaha, NE locations). [sampler mug]
  62. Brew Kettle (Strongsville, OH).
  63. Brew Moon (Boston, MA, location closed).
  64. BREW Pub and Kitchen (Durango, CO).
  65. Brew Wërks Brewing (Bend, OR).
  66. Brewer's Alley Restaurant and Brewery (Frederick, MD). [coaster, tumbler glass, pint glass]
  67. Brewer's Art (Baltimore, MD).
  68. Brewery Creek Brewing (Mineral Point, WI). [pint glass]
  69. Brewery Vivant (Grand Rapids, MI).
  70. Brewzzi (Boca Raton, FL). [pint glass]
  71. Bridge of Allan Brewery (Bridge of Allan, Scotland, UK).
  72. Brown's Brewing Co. (Troy, NY). [3 photographs]
  73. Brutopia Brewery (Cranston, RI).
  74. Bube's Brewery (Mt. Joy, PA). [photographs]
  75. Buckner's Brewing Company (Cape Girardeau, MO).
  76. Bull & Bones Brewhaus & Grill (Blacksburg, VA). [photographs]
  77. Bullfrog Brewery (Williamsport, PA).
  78. Burial Beer Co. (Asheville, NC).
  79. Byway Brewing (Hammond, IN).
  80. Caboose Brewing Co. (Vienna, VA).
  81. Cambridge House Brewpub (Granby, CT). [3 photographs]
  82. Cantillon Brasserie - Brouwerij (Brussels, Belgium). [several photographs]
  83. Cape Cod Beer (Hyannis, MA).
  84. Capital Brewery (Middleton, WI). [tulip glass]
  85. Capitol City Brewing Company (NY Ave. Washington, DC; Mass. Ave. Washington, DC; Arlington/Shirlington, VA and Baltimore, MD locations). [coaster, pint glass, 2 sampler glasses, growler]
  86. Carolina Brewery (Chapel Hill, NC). [coaster, pint glass, growler, T-shirt]
  87. Carver Brewing Company (Durango, CO).
  88. Cascade Lakes Brewing Co. (Bend, OR location). [2 photographs, 2 coasters]
  89. Castlebay Irish Pub (Annapolis, MD).
  90. Castlemaine Perkins Ltd. (Brisbane, QLD, Australia). [coaster, pilsner glass]
  91. Catawba Brewing Co. (Asheville, NC).
  92. Central Waters BrewPub (Marshfield, WI). [coaster, t-shirt, 3 photographs]
  93. Charleston Brewing Company (Charleston, WV).
  94. Chelsea Brewery (New York, NY).
  95. Cherokee Brewing Company (Atlanta, GA, brewpub closed).
  96. Chocolate City Beer (Washington, DC, closed).
  97. Church Brew Works (Pittsburgh, PA).
  98. Cisco Brewers (Nantucket, MA).
  99. Clevelander Brewing Company (Miami Beach, FL, stopped brewing). [pint glass]
  100. City Steam Brewery Café (Hartford, CT). [growler, 2 photographs]
  101. Coast Brewing Company (Biloxi, MS).
  102. Coddington Brewing Company (Middletown, RI).
  103. Comanche Creek Brewing Company (Eagle Nest, NM).
  104. Commonwealth Brewing Company (Boston, MA, location closed).
  105. Copper Tank Brewing Co. (Dallas, TX, location closed).
  106. Coronado Brewing Company (Coronado, CA). [pint glass]
  107. Court Avenue Brewing Co. (Des Moines, IA). [coaster]
  108. Crane River Brewpub & Café (Lincoln, NE, closed). [coaster, pint glass]
  109. Creek Brewery / Granville Island Hotel (Vancouver, BC; closed). [logo graphic]
  110. Crescent City Brewhouse (New Orleans, LA). [3 photographs, coaster, glass mug]
  111. Crooked Hammock Brewery (Lewes, DE).
  112. Crow Peak Brewing Co. (Spearfish, SD).
  113. Crown Valley Brewing and Distilling (Ste. Genevieve, MO).
  114. Das Bierhaus (Menomonie, WI). [coaster, 3 photographs]
  115. DC Brau Brewing Company (Washington, DC).
  116. De Brouwers van of Grote Markt / Les Brasseurs de la Grand-Place (Brussels, Belgium). [coaster]
  117. De Halve Maan ("the Half Moon") (Bruges, Belgium). [two photographs]
  118. Delafield Brewhaus (Delafield, WI). [coaster, sampler mug]
  119. Denali Brewing Co. / Twister Creek (Talkeetna, AK). [three photos, growler, T-shirt]
  120. Denizens Brewing Co. (Silver Spring, MD).
  121. Deschutes Brewery (Bend, OR). [3 photos, 2 coasters, T-shirt]
  122. Desert Edge Brewery (Salt Lake City, UT). [3 photos, 2 coasters]
  123. Devils Backbone Brewing Co. (Roseland and Lexington, VA locations). [photos, coaster]
  124. Dewey Beer Co. (Dewey Beach, DE).
  125. Diamondback Brewery (Cleveland, OH, closed). [pint glass]
  126. Dingle Brewing Co. (Dingle, Ireland).
  127. District Chophouse & Brewery (Washington, DC); Denver Chophouse & Brewery (Denver, CO). [coaster. photos]
  128. Dock Street Brewing Co. (Washington, DC location, closed). [2 coasters, pint glass]
  129. Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats (Rehoboth Beach, DE brewpub, Milton, DE brewery). [2 photos, bottle, T-shirt]
  130. Dog Money Restaurant & Brewery (Leesburg, VA).
  131. Draught Horse Brewery (Lyon Twp., MI).
  132. E & O Trading Company (San Francisco, CA location).
  133. Edgefield Brewery / McMenamins (Troutdale, OR). [coaster, pint glass, photograph]
  134. ELK Brewing (Grand Rapids, MI).
  135. Ellicott Mills Brewing Company (Ellicott City, MD).
  136. Ellis Island Casino & Brewery (Las Vegas, NV). [photograph]
  137. Enchanted Circle Brewing (Angel Fire, NM).
  138. Engine House 9 (Tacoma, WA).
  139. Epic Brewing Company (Salt Lake City, UT). [photographs]
  140. Eske's Brew Pub (Taos, NM).
  141. Estes Park Brewery (Estes Park, CO). [pint glass]
  142. Eugene City Brewery (Eugene, OR, closed). [sticker]
  143. Evolution Craft Brewing Co. (Salisbury, MD). [sticker, 3 photographs]
  144. Fair Winds Brewing Company (Lorton, VA).
  145. Fat Head's Brewery (Middleburg Heights, OH).
  146. Father John's Brewing Company (Bryan, OH).
  147. Firehouse Brewing Co. (Rapid City, SD).
  148. Fish Brewing Co. / Fishbowl Pub (Olympia, WA). [coaster, pint glass, photograph]
  149. Fitger's Brewhouse (Duluth, MN). [coaster, 2 photographs]
  150. Flat Branch Pub & Brewing (Columbia, MO). [pint glass, T-shirt]
  151. Flying Dog Brewery (Denver, CO, moved to Maryland). [coaster, bottle cap, bottle label]
  152. Flying Goose Brew Pub & Grille (New London, NH). [3 photographs]
  153. Foothills Brewing (Winston-Salem, NC).
  154. Forge Brew Works (Lorton, VA).
  155. Fort George Brewery (Astoria, OR).
  156. Founder's Restaurant & Brewing (Alexandria, VA, closed).
  157. Founders Brewing Co. (Grand Rapids, MI).
  158. Founders Hill Brewing Company (Downers Grove, IL, closed). [pint glass]
  159. Fox River Brewing Company / Fratello's (Appleton and Oshkosh, WI locations). [sampler glass, T-shirt, 2 photographs]
  160. Frederick Brewing Co. (Frederick, MD). [2 photos, coaster, 2 pint glasses]
  161. Fredericksburg Brewing Company (Fredericksburg, TX). [coaster]
  162. Frothy Beard Brewing Company (Charleston, SC).
  163. Full Sail Brewing Co. (Hood River, OR & Portland, OR locations). [2 coasters, pint glass, denim shirt, photograph]
  164. Gem State Brewing (Caldwell, ID, closed).
  165. Gettysbrew Pub & Brewery (Gettysburg, PA, closed). [pint glass]
  166. Gettysburg Brewing Co. (Gettysburg, PA, closed).
  167. Glacier Brewhouse (Anchorage, AK). [shirt, photos]
  168. Glen Ellyn Brewing Co. (Glen Ellyn, IL, closed). [pint glass]
  169. Globe Brewing Co. (Baltimore, MD, closed).
  170. GoodLife Brewing Company (Bend, OR). [photos]
  171. Goose Island Beer Company (Chicago, IL). [pint glass]
  172. Gordon Biersch Brewing Company (San Francisco, CA-location closed; Honolulu, HI; McLean, VA; Kansas City, MO; New Orleans, LA; and Washington, DC locations). [3 coasters, glass mug]
  173. Gottberg Brew Pub (Columbus, NE). [coaster]
  174. Grand Rapids Brewing Co. (Grand Rapids, MI).
  175. Granite City Food & Brewery (Fargo, ND, and Madison, WI locations). [2 photographs]
  176. Granville Island Brewing Co. (Vancouver, BC, Canada). [sampler glass, photograph]
  177. Great Dane Pub & Brewing Co. (Madison, WI). [coaster]
  178. Great Lakes Brewing Company (Cleveland, OH).
  179. Great Waters Brewing Co. (St. Paul, MN). [pint glass, 2 photographs]
  180. Green Man Brewery (Asheville, NC).
  181. Green Tree Brewery (LeClaire, IA).
  182. Growlers (Gaithersburg, MD). [logo, 2 photographs, growler]
  183. Grumpy Troll Brew Pub (Mt. Horeb, WI). [coaster]
  184. Hardywood Park Craft Brewery (Richmond, VA).
  185. Harmon Brewing Co. (Tacoma, WA). [coaster]
  186. Harmony Brewing Company (Grand Rapids, MI).
  187. Harrison Hollow Brewhouse (Boise, ID, closed).
  188. Haymarket Pub & Brewery (Chicago, IL).
  189. Heartland Brewery (Union Square location, New York, NY). [2 coasters]
  190. Hereford & Hops (Escanaba, MI). [pint glass]
  191. Heritage Brewing Co. (Arlington, VA, location).
  192. Hi-Wire Brewing (Asheville, NC).
  193. High Street Brewery Café (Eugene, OR). [T-shirt]
  194. Highland Brewing Company (Asheville, NC).
  195. Hofbrauhaus Brewery & Biergarten / Station Casino (Kansas City, MO). [coaster]
  196. Hofbrau Steaks Brewery (Dallas, TX, closed).
  197. Holy City Brewing (Charleston, SC).
  198. Holy Cow! Brewing Company (Las Vegas, NV, closed). [coaster, T-shirt]
  199. Homer Brewing Company (Homer, AK) [glassware, shirt, photos]
  200. HopCat (Grand Rapids, MI location).
  201. Hops Restaurant-Bar-Brewery (Alexandria, VA location).
  202. Hyde Park Brewing Company (Hyde Park, NY).
  203. Hydro Street Brewing Company (Columbus, WI).
  204. Ice Harbor Brewing Company (Kennewick, WA).
  205. Independence Restaurant & Brewery (Ft. Lauderdale, FL, location closed). [2 coasters]
  206. Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant (Newark, DE, and Wilmington, DE locations). [Gcoaster, growler, photos]
  207. Isley Brewing Company (Richmond, VA).
  208. Ithaca Beer Co. (Ithaca, NY). [2 photographs]
  209. JT Schmid's Restaurant & Brewery (Anaheim, CA location). [2 photographs]
  210. J. T. Whitney's Pub & Brewery (Madison, WI). [pint glass]
  211. Jaipur Brewing Company (Omaha, NE). [2 coasters, pilsner glass]
  212. Jasper Murdock's Alehouse / The Norwich Inn (Norwich, VT). [2 photos, coaster, bottle]
  213. Jaxson's Restaurant and Brewing Co. (El Paso, TX).
  214. John Harvard's Brew House (Atlanta/Buckhead, GA (location closed) and Washington, DC (location closed)). [coaster, pint glass, matchbook]
  215. Jones St. Brewery (Omaha, NE, brewpub closed).
  216. Karben4 Brewing (Madison, WI).
  217. Karl Strauss Brewing Company (Downtown Location, San Diego, CA). [2 coasters]
  218. Kassik's Kenai Brew Stop (Kenai, AK). [glass, t-shirt, 3 photographs]
  219. Kelly's (Brisbane, QLD, Australia, closed).
  220. Kelly's Caribbean Bar-Grill & Brewery (Key West, FL). [sampler glass; 3 photographs]
  221. Kenai River Brewing Co. (Soldotna, AK). [growler, T-shirt, 3 photographs]
  222. Kindred Spirit Brewing (Goochland, VA).
  223. La Conner Brewing Company (La Conner, WA). [pilsner glass; 2 photographs]
  224. Laboratory Brewing Co. (San Antonio, TX, closed).
  225. Lake Anne Brew House (Reston, VA).
  226. Lakefront Brewery (Milwaukee, WI).
  227. Lancaster Brewing Company (Lancaster, PA). [shot glass, photograph]
  228. LaOtto Brewing Company (LaOtto, IN).
  229. Laurelwood Brewing Co. (Battle Ground, WA location).
  230. Lazlo's Brewery & Grill (Lincoln, NE location). [pilsner glass]
  231. Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company (Kiln, MS). [coaster, pint glass, promotional items, label, 3 photographs]
  232. Legend Brewing (Richmond, VA). [sticker, 2 ceramic mugs]
  233. Lexington Avenue Brewery (Asheville, NC).
  234. Lompoc Café and Brewpub (Bar Harbor, ME).
  235. Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel (Sydney, NSW, Australia). [coaster, rugby shirt, photograph]
  236. Lost Rhino Brewing Company (Ashburn, VA).
  237. Lost Province Brewing Co. (Boone, NC).
  238. Loudoun Brewing Co. (Leesburg, VA).
  239. LowDown Brewery Kitchen (Denver, CO).
  240. Lucky Labrador Brewing Company (Portland, OR). [coaster]
  241. Lugton Inn & Brewery (Lugton, Scotland, UK). [two photographs]
  242. Mad Anthony Brewing Company (Ft. Wayne, IN).
  243. Mad Fox Brewing Company (Falls Church, VA). [coaster, 3 photographs]
  244. Mainstreet Brewing Co. (Cincinnati, OH, closed). [coaster]
  245. Market Street Brewing Co. & Restaurant (Corning, NY). [photograph, T-shirt]
  246. Martha's Exchange Restaurant & Brewing Co. (Nashua, NH). [coaster, pint glass]
  247. Marzoni's Brick Oven & Brewing Co. (Altoona, PA location).
  248. Mash House Brewery & Chophouse (Fayetteville, NC). [coaster, photographs]
  249. Max Lager's American Grill & Brewery (Atlanta, GA).
  250. Maximiliaan Brouwhuis (Amsterdam, Netherlands, closed). [snifter glass, bottle]
  251. Mayflower Brewing Company (Plymouth, MA).
  252. McGuire's Irish Pub and Brewery (Pensacola, FL, location). [sampler glass]
  253. Midnight Sun Brewing Co. (Anchorage, AK). [glass, shirt, photos]
  254. Milkhouse Brewery (Mt. Airy, MD).
  255. Mill Creek Brewpub (Walla Walla, WA).
  256. Mill Creek Restaurant and Brewery (Kansas City, MO, closed). [pint glass]
  257. Mill House Brewing Company (Poughkeepsie, NY).
  258. Millrose Brewing Co. (South Barrington, IL, no longer brewing). [coaster, pint glass]
  259. Milwaukee Ale House (Milwaukee, WI, location). [2 coasters, pint glass]
  260. Miner Brewing Co. (Hill City, SD).
  261. Minglewood Brewery (Cape Girardeau, MO).
  262. Minocqua Brewing Company (Minocqua, WI). [logo, t-shirt, photograph]
  263. Mission Brewery (San Diego, CA). [3 photographs]
  264. Mitten Brewing Co. (Grand Rapids, MI).
  265. Monkey Paw Brewing Company (San Diego, CA).
  266. Monocacy Brewing Company (Frederick, MD).
  267. Monte Carlo Pub & Brewery (Las Vegas, NV).
  268. Moon River Brewing Company (Savannah, GA). [coaster]
  269. Moose's Tooth Brewing Co. (Anchorage, AK).
  270. Moosejaw Pizza & Brewery (Wisconsin Dells, WI). [coaster, sampler glass, T-shirt]
  271. Morgan Street Brewery (St. Louis, MO). [pint glass]
  272. Morgantown Brewing Company (Morgantown, WV).
  273. Moulin Brewery and Hotel (Moulin, Scotland, UK). [2 photographs]
  274. Mount Airy Brewing Co. / Firehouse Pub and Grill (Mt. Airy, MD, closed).
  275. Murphy's Wagon Wheel (Hastings, NE).
  276. Mustang Sally Brewing Company (Chantilly, VA).
  277. Native Brewing Company (Alexandria, VA, closed).
  278. New District Brewing Company (Arlington, VA).
  279. New Glarus Brewing Company (Riverside and Hilltop breweries; New Glarus, WI). [3 photographs, sampler glass]
  280. New Holland Brewing (Holland, MI).
  281. Next Door Brewing Company (Madison, WI).
  282. Nighthawk Brewery (Broomfield, CO).
  283. Nodding Head Brewery (Philadelphia, PA). [3 photographs]
  284. North East Brewing Company (Boston, MA, closed). [coaster, pint glass]
  285. North Peak Brewing Company (Traverse City, MI). [coaster, pilsner glass]
  286. Northampton Brewery (Northampton, MA).
  287. Northwest Brewing Co. / Trade Route Brewing (Pacific, WA).
  288. Northwoods Brewpub Grill (Eau Claire, WI). [coaster, ceramic sampler mug]
  289. O'Grady's Brewery & Pub (Arlington Heights, IL, location closed). [pint glass]
  290. Oak Creek Brewery (Sedona, AZ). [coaster]
  291. Oak Road Brewery (Summerville, SC).
  292. Ocelot Brewing Company (Dulles, VA).
  293. Offshore Ale Co. (Oak Bluffs, MA).
  294. Oggi's Pizza & Brewing Co. (Tustin, CA location). [photograph, coaster]
  295. Old Dominion Brewing Co. / Dominion Brewpub (Ashburn, VA, closed). [pilsner glass, sampler glass]
  296. Old Forge Brewing Company (Danville, PA).
  297. Old Man River Restaurant & Brewery (McGregor, IA). [coaster, 2 photographs]
  298. Old Ox Brewery (Ashburn, VA).
  299. Old St. Francis School Brewery / McMenamins (Bend, OR). [3 photographs]
  300. Olde Mother Brewing Co. (Frederick, MD).
  301. Olde Towne Tavern & Brewing Co. (Gaithersburg, MD, closed). [pint glass]
  302. One World Brewing (Asheville, NC).
  303. Orchard Street Brewing Co. (Bellingham, WA, closed). [coaster]
  304. Oregon Fields Brewing Co. (Eugene, OR, closed). [coaster, pint glass]
  305. Original Saratoga Springs Brewpub (Saratoga Springs, NY, closed). [coaster, pint glass]
  306. Orlando Brewing (Orlando, FL). [3 photographs]
  307. Oskar Blues Brewery (Lyons, CO and Brevard, NC locations). [coasters]
  308. Otto's Pub and Brewery (State College, PA).
  309. Outer Banks Brewing Station (Kill Devil Hills, NC). [3 photographs]
  310. Oyster House Brewing Company (Asheville, NC).
  311. Pasadena Brewing Company (Pasadena, CA, closed).
  312. Pearl Street Brewery (La Crosse, WI). [pint glass, 3 photographs]
  313. Pearl Street Grill & Brewery (Buffalo, NY).
  314. Pelican Pub & Brewery (Pacific City, OR). [coaster, pint glass, photograph]
  315. People's Pint (Greenfield, MA).
  316. Piece Brewery & Pizzeria (Chicago, IL). [coaster]
  317. Pike Brewing Co. (Seattle, WA). [2 coasters, pint glass, 2 photographs]
  318. Pints Pub (Denver, CO). [2 coasters]
  319. Pizza Port (Ocean Beach, CA location). [3 photographs]
  320. Platt Park Brewing Company (Denver, CO).
  321. Port City Brewing Co. (Alexandria, VA).
  322. Pro Re Nata Farm Brewery (Crozet, VA).
  323. Raccoon River Brewing Co. (Des Moines, IA).
  324. Railroad City Brewing Company (Altoona, PA).
  325. Ramshead Tavern / Fordham Brewing Co. (Annapolis, MD).
  326. Randy's Fun Hunters Brewery (Whitewater, WI). [pint glass]
  327. Rattlesnake Mountain Brewing Company (Richland, WA).
  328. Red Shedman Farm Brewery (Mt. Airy, MD).
  329. Red Rock Brewing Company (Salt Lake City, UT location). [coaster, 3 photographs]
  330. Redhook Brewery (Portsmouth, NH location).
  331. Revelation Craft Brewing Company (Rehoboth Beach, DE).
  332. Richbrau Brewing Company (Richmond, VA, brewpub closed). [coaster]
  333. River Company Restaurant & Brewery (Fairlawn, VA).
  334. River Market Brewing Company (Kansas City, MO, closed). [coaster, weizen glass]
  335. River West Brewing Company (Chicago, IL, closed).
  336. Rock Art Brewery (Morrisville, VT)
  337. Rock Bottom Brewery (Arlington/Ballston; VA, Bethesda, MD; Boston, MA; Chicago, IL; Cincinnati, OH; Denver, CO; Portland, OR; & Westminster, CO locations). [3 coasters, ceramic mug, 2 pint glasses]
  338. Rock Wood Fired Pizza & Brewery (Auburn, WA, location)
  339. Rogue Ale Public House (Newport, OR). [post card; 2 coasters; 2 stickers, weizen glass]
  340. Rooster Fish Brewing / Wildflower Café (Watkins Glen, NY). [2 photographs]
  341. Roosters Brewing Company (Ogden, UT, location). [growler, 2 photographs]
  342. Route 66 Brewery & Restaurant (St. Louis, MO, closed). [coaster, sampler glass]
  343. Routh Street Brewery (Dallas, TX, no longer brewing).
  344. Rowland's Calumet Brewing Co. (Chilton, WI). [coaster, sampler glass]
  345. Rusty Bull Brewing Co. (North Charleston, SC).
  346. Saint's Brewing Company (Urbandale, IA, closed). [coaster, pint glass, shirt]
  347. St. Elias Brewing Company (Soldotna, AK) [growler, shirt, photographs]
  348. Salty Nut Brewery (Huntsville, AL).
  349. San Francisco Brewing Company (San Francisco, CA, closed). [coaster, pint glass]
  350. Scuttlebutt Brewing Co. (Everett, WA). [coaster]
  351. Second Street Brewery (Santa Fe, NM location).
  352. Selin's Grove Brewing Co. (Selinsgrove, PA). [photograph; pint glass, growler]
  353. Sehkraft Brewing (Arlington, VA, closed).
  354. Seven Bridges Grille & Brewing (Jacksonville, FL).
  355. Shamrock Brewing Company (Pueblo, CO).
  356. Sharky's Brewery (Omaha, NE, brewpub closed). [T-shirt]
  357. Shenandoah Brewing Company (Alexandria, VA). [glass mug]
  358. Shipwrecked Brew Pub (Egg Harbor, WI). [pint glass, T-shirt]
  359. Shipyard Brewery & Brew Pub (Orlando Airport, FL, location closed)
  360. Shoreline Brewery (Michigan City, IN)
  361. Sick-N-Twisted Brewing Co. (Hill City, SD)
  362. Silver Moon Brewing (Bend, OR). [3 photos, sampler, coaster]
  363. Sisson's / South Baltimore Brewing Co. (Baltimore, MD, closed). [coaster, pint glass, matchbook]
  364. Ska Brewing (Durango, CO).
  365. Smokehouse Brewing Company (Columbus, OH)
  366. Smoketown Brewing Station (Brunswick, MD).
  367. Snow Goose Restaurant & Sleeping Lady Brewing Company (Anchorage, AK) [3 photographs]
  368. South Shore Brewery (Ashland, WI). [growler, 3 photographs]
  369. South Street Brewery (Charlottesville, VA).
  370. Southend Brewery & Smokehouse (Raleigh, NC, location closed). [pint glass]
  371. Spilker Ales (Cortland, NE). [coaster, pint glass]
  372. Spoetzl Brewery (Shiner, TX). [2 photographs, 3 coasters, pint glass]
  373. Sprecher Brewing Company (Glendale, WI). [4 photographs, pint glass, growler]
  374. Squatters Pub Brewery (Salt Lake City, UT location). [3 photographs, coaster]
  375. Star Garnet Brewing (Boise, ID, closed). [coaster]
  376. Starr Hill Brewery (Crozet, formerly Charlottesville, VA). [sticker, photos]
  377. Steamworks Brewing Company (Durango, CO).
  378. Steel String Craft Brewery (Carrboro, NC).
  379. Steelhead Brewery & Café (Eugene, OR location). [coaster, pint glass]
  380. Steve & Clark's Brew Pub and Sausage Co. (Durham, NC, closed). [pint glass]
  381. Stewart's Brewing Co. (Bear, DE). [ceramic mug]
  382. Stone Brewing (Liberty Station - San Diego, CA location).
  383. Stone Cellar Brewpub & Restaurant (Appleton, WI).
  384. Straight to Ale (Huntsville, AL).
  385. Strangeways Brewing (Richmond, VA).
  386. Suds Brothers Brewery (Evanston, WY location). [3 photographs]
  387. Summit Station (Gaithersburg, MD, closed). [pint glass]
  388. Sunriver Brewing Company (Sunriver, OR). [3 photographs]
  389. Sweetwater Tavern (Centreville, VA, and Merrifield, VA). [growler]
  390. Table Rock Brewpub and Grill (Boise, ID). [coaster]
  391. Tall Tales Brewing Company (Parsonsburg, MD).
  392. Tampa Bay Brewing Company (Tampa, FL). [coaster]
  393. Tangled Roots Brewing Company / Lone Buffalo (Ottawa, IL).
  394. Taos Mesa Brewing Company (Taos, NM).
  395. Tap Room / Schlafly Brand Beers (St. Louis, MO). [2 coasters]
  396. Taylor Brewing Company (Naperville, IL, closed). [coaster]
  397. Tenaya Creek Restaurant & Brewery (Las Vegas, NV). [coaster]
  398. The Veil Brewing Co. (Richmond, VA).
  399. Thirsty Bear Brewing Company (San Francisco, CA). [coaster, tumbler glass]
  400. Three Creeks Brewing (Sisters, OR).
  401. Three Notch'd Brewing Company (Charlottesville, VA Main Brewery and Sour House; Richmond, VA Collab House).
  402. Three Rivers Brewery (Farmington, NM).
  403. Thunder Canyon Brewery (Foothills Mall-Tucson, AZ). [coaster, pint glass]
  404. Times Square Brewery Restaurant (New York, NY, closed).
  405. Triple 7 Restaurant & Brewery / Main Street Station Casino (Las Vegas, NV).
  406. Tobacco Roadhouse Brewery (Durham, NC, closed).
  407. Tommyknocker Brewery (Idaho Springs, CO). [coaster]
  408. Top of the Hill (Chapel Hill, NC).
  409. Tustin Brewing Company (Tustin, CA). [2 photographs, coaster]
  410. Twain's Brewpub & Billiards (Decatur, GA).
  411. Twenty Tank Brewery (San Francisco, CA, closed). [coaster, imperial pint glass]
  412. Twin Lakes Brewing Co. (Greenville, DE). [4 photographs, 2 growlers]
  413. Twin Leaf Brewery (Asheville, NC).
  414. Twisted Cypress Brewing (Charleston, SC).
  415. Tyranena Brewing Company (Lake Mills, WI): [coaster, sampler glass; ceramic mug]
  416. Uncle Tucker's Brewhouse (Cumberland, MD). [pint glass, growler]
  417. Upstream Brewing Company (Omaha, NE). [2 coasters]
  418. Vanish Farmwoods Brewery (Leesburg, VA).
  419. Vintage 50 Restaurant & Brew Lounge (Leesburg, VA, closed). [logo, 2 photographs]
  420. Vintage Brewing Co. (Madison, WI).
  421. Virginia Beverage Company (Alexandria, VA, brewpub closed).
  422. Wagner Valley Brewing Company (Lodi, NY). [photograph, pint glass]
  423. Wasatch Brew Pub & Brewery (Park City, UT) [3 photographs, T-shirt]
  424. Water Street Brewery (Milwaukee, WI and Delafield, WI locations). [2 coasters, pint glass, matchbook]
  425. Water Street Brewery & Ale House (Port Townsend, WA)
  426. Weeping Radish Farm Brewery (Grandy, NC) [sampler glass, 4 photographs]
  427. Weinkeller Brewery (Berwyn & Westmont, IL, both closed).
  428. Wet Dog Café / Pacific Rim Brewing Co. (Astoria, OR).
  429. Westbrook Brewing (Mt. Pleasant, SC).
  430. Wheeling Brewing Company (Wheeling, WV)
  431. Wicked Weed Brewing (Brewpub and Funkatorium; Asheville, NC)
  432. Wharf Rat (Baltimore, MD). [pint glass]
  433. Wild Duck Brewery (Eugene, OR, closed). [photograph, coaster, pint glass]
  434. Williamsburg AleWerks (Williamsburg, VA). [coaster]
  435. Williamsville Brewery (Richmond, VA). [5 coasters]
  436. Willimantic Brewing Company (Willimantic, CT).
  437. Wynkoop Brewing Company (Denver, CO). [coaster, pint glass]
  438. Yellowhammer Brewing (Huntsville, AL).