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Alaskan Brewing Company

Breweriana, Collectibles, Ephemera and Memories

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Also see the BIG VISIT MAP 5429 Shaune Dr., Juneau, AK

I have visited Alaskan Brewing Company,
in the City of Juneau, Juneau Borough, Alaska, USA.

Brewery/Brewpub Location Map

Reason for Visit: If have been to the brewery a couple of times, first on vacation and a few years later I happened to be in Juneau on business.

Alaskan Brewery Exterior Photograph Photograph: This is the exterior of the brewery. I think I took this photo on my first visit so it's probably circa 1995.
Alaskan Brewery Interior Photograph Photograph: This is the tasting room in the Alaskan Brewery where their beers can be sampled after taking the tour. On this occasion I was in Juneau on business and I stopped by the brewery after a hard day of work. This is circa 2000.
Alaskan Brewery Interior Photograph Vertical Tasting: I've collected and cellared several years of Alaskan Smoked Porter bottles. This was the lineup for a smoked porter vertical tasting not too long ago. It represents the years 2001 through 2007, with the single exception of 2005 when I had a disruption in my source of supply. Fortunately that's not a problem anymore and the collection continues.
Alaskan Brewery Coaster Front of Coaster. "Brewed & Bottled in Juneau Alaska / Alaskan Brewing Co."
Alaskan Brewery Coaster - Back Back of Coaster. "'You people really know how to make beer.' - James Robertson, Author of The Connoisseur's Guide to Beer

Brewing beer in Alaska isn't easy. But we're Alaskans, and Alaskans love a challenge! So when we set out to brew beer back in 1986, we took the challenge all the way -- brew the best beer possible, a beer worthy of being named Alaskan. Try our award winning beer from the Last Frontier!

Alaskan Amber Beer * Alaskan Pale Ale * Alaskan Frontier Ale

Alaskan Brewing Co."

Alaskan Brewery Coaster Front of Coaster. "Alaskan ESB


Alaskan Brewery Coaster - Back Back of Coaster. "Tell us what you think of our Alaskan ESB or let a friend in on the newest name in Alaskan beer. Also visit our website at www.alaskanbeer.com and send a virtual beer to a friend"
Alaskan Brewery Pint Glass Glassware: This Alaskan Brewery pint glass features a full-color version of their Alaskan Amber logo. It captures the essence of Alaska with an early morning scene of a fishing boat silhouetted against temperate rainforested hills in the foreground and snowcapped mountains in the background. While this is a typical scene, given the brewery's location one likely spot would be the Gastineau Channel near Juneau.
Alaskan Brewery Pint Glass Glassware: This much simpler design features the brewery logo acid etched on glass.
Alaskan Brewery T-shirt - Front Apparel: The recognizable brewery logo appears over the left, front area on the front of this T-shirt
Alaskan Brewery T-shirt - Back Apparel - Back: While on the back, the Alaskan Amber logo described above appears in large size across the entire shirt.
Alaskan Brewery T-shirt Apparel: Another Juneau scene appears on their Alaskan Pale Ale T-shirt. This view looks suspiciously like Mendenhall Glacier which is located a few miles outside of town. The brewery is located in the same general vicinity.
Alaskan Brewery T-shirt Apparel: This T-shirt commemorates Alaskan's famous and award winning Smoked Porter which comes out every winter near the holidays. The image features the silhouette of reindeer at dusk walking down a slight incline. The Alaskan Smoked Porter can be cellared so it's possible to save bottles for many years and savor how the flavor changes or set up vertical tastings to compare several vintages.

Sample list of beers produced by Alaskan Brewing Company

Items featured on these breweriana pages are personal souvenirs of my visits to these locations, and an expression of the events and travels leading to their collection. They are not for sale or for trade.

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