Wisconsin Wrap-Up

On June 30, 2008 · Comments Off on Wisconsin Wrap-Up

I’ve returned from my trip to Wisconsin with tons of new material for the website. You’ve gotten a preview of some of these on the Twelve Mile Circle (this blog) but expect more detailed write-ups to start appearing on the permanent site over the next few days and weeks. Here are some of the oddities collected along the way:

  • I spent much of the week dodging flooded roads in the south central part of the state including Jefferson & Dodge Counties, and visiting the remnants of Lake Delton in Sauk County. I did not get an opportunity to ride either the Merrimac Ferry or the Cassville Ferry as originally planned though, because they were both closed due to the flooding. So I have nothing to add to my United States Ferry Map. However the flood coverage was much more compelling and I’ll always get another chance to ride those ferries.
  • I toured two breweries that I’d never visited before. I also returned to two I’d seen before but on this trip I took lots of photos. The Breweries & Brewpubs page will be updated accordingly.
  • I made it to five new counties, four in Wisconsin and one in Illinois, and I’m still closing-in on 1000. Maybe I’ll get there someday, but until then you can continue to track my progress on the United States Counties page.
  • I managed to sneak in a viewing of a Lake Michigan lighthouse.
  • Finally, I can’t forget my memorable trip to the Point of Beginning. Of course, I didn’t realize until after I got home that I was only a few miles away from the Illinois Highpoint. Guess I’ll have to go back.

Overall, this was a very productive and entertaining trip.

Flooding in Watertown, Wisconsin

Can you stand one more flood photo? Here was Riverside Park in the Dodge County portion of Watertown about a week ago. Watertown was living up to its name when the Rock River came up well above flood stage. That’s your reward for putting up with this post. I’ll have a new set of topics beginning with the next entry.

On June 30, 2008 · Comments Off on Wisconsin Wrap-Up

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