Northernmost Ferry in Canada

On March 25, 2008 · 1 Comments

The northernmost Ferry in Canada, and indeed for all of North America, is the Arctic Red River Ferry near the Gwich’in settlement of Tsiigehtchic in the Northwest Territories. It is located so far north that it’s actually above the Arctic Circle.

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The ferry provides a vital link in the continuity of the Dempster Highway at the confluence of the Mackenzie and Arctic Red Rivers. It allows vehicles to either cross the Mackenzie and continue their journey on the Dempster or, at their request, cross over the Arctic Red River to access Tsiigehtchic. With stopping points along the highway being rather sparse and far between, a brief detour to Tsiigehtchic for fuel and supplies becomes a welcome opportunity. On this image the Dempster Highway runs along the left, and Tsiigehtchic is the settlement on the right on the other side of the smaller river.

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The Google Maps resolution for such a remote area is amazing. Drill down and the ferryboat itself becomes clearly visible. Drill back up and one can get an appreciation for just how far north the government of Canada has located this ferry service. The effort to keep it operational must be daunting.

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There is another ferry about 70 km. further down the Dempster Highway, called the Peel Ferry. This section of the road runs mostly east-west so it is only slightly further south than the Arctic Red River Ferry. It’s an extremely close “second place” for the northernmost title and no other ferries in North America even come close. It is found outside the community of Fort McPherson, providing a point of crossing over the Peel River. Both ferries are seasonal and an ice bridge replaces them as soon as weather permits.

These interesting locations are intended to introduce my newly-created Interactive Map of Canadian Ferries, which is the most comprehensive resource of its type on the Web. There are nearly 200 ferry routes in Canada. Who knew? Each of them has been mapped and tagged on the page, with links to their respective government or corporate websites.

On March 25, 2008 · 1 Comments

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