Howder Street, Hillsdale, Michigan

On November 9, 2007 · 2 Comments

This being, I’m going to take an opportunity to feature something that crosses a couple of my interests, geography and genealogy.

In Hillsdale Michigan there is a three-block road called Howder Street.

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Those of you with common surnames are probably saying “so what.” However there are only a few hundred people in the United States named Howder (and most of us are seemingly related). Who was this Howder of Hillsdale Michigan, and why is a short street lined with rental housing filled mainly with students from nearby Hillsdale College named after him?Adam Howder was an early Michigan pioneer and one of the first settlers in the Hillsdale area, arriving around 1835 from Lockport, New York. He built a log house on what became Hillsdale Fair Grounds. He later became the first tavern keeper in town and built increasingly spacious and popular establishments. He also served as sheriff in 1845 and 1847. I hope the college students on Howder Street remember to toast Adam Howder, pioneering bar tender and saloon keeper, the next time they host a kegger. He would be proud.As far as I know this is the only geographical feature named after a member of the Howder family.

On November 9, 2007 · 2 Comments
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2 Responses to “Howder Street, Hillsdale, Michigan”

  1. Andy Losik says:

    Thanks Howder Family. I had many a good nights with buddies who lived on Howder St. while attending Hillsdale College.

  2. Dave Turner says:

    It’s not all rentals. I live a block away and have had many friends who grew up on Howder street. It was interesting to read this and find out more about my home town though.

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