County Highpointers Association

On December 28, 2007 · 1 Comments

Today the Twelve Mile Circle features another extremely specialized geography website, this one hosted by the County Highpointers Association. It’s easy to find information on the highest point in a country or even one of the individual United States. This information is scattered across the Web in a million different places. But that’s not the case when you get to a smaller political unit, or in the case of the County Highpointers Association, the counties and independent cities of the United States. Fortunately they’ve already done all the necessary legwork and posted their information for their readers in one convenient place on their website.

Not only does it feature each highpoint but it also includes trip reports and directions and various other resources so that readers can retrace the steps of earlier explorers. There are people who take this rather seriously and attempt to reach the summit of every county in a particular state or other geographic unit. These points range from the mundane, perhaps just a few feet of elevation in costal counties, all the way up to the highest peaks in the United States. Truly there is a highpoint for every style, ability and inclination.

Another point to ponder is that county highpoints certainly don’t receive the same level of recognition or respect as their state counterparts. There’s not likely to be a shiny bronze marker at the summit. Rather, it’s more likely to be in someone’s back yard or behind the gas station or along a neglected weedy patch along an isolated road. Folks will find it odd as you search for these obscure places, and that’s half the fun.

On December 28, 2007 · 1 Comments

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