Counties in Virginia that I have Visited

There are 133 Counties / Independent Cities in Virginia
The Old Dominion

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Virginia County Outline Map

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I have visited 133 Counties / Independent Cities = 100% of Counties / Independent Cities in Virginia

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State Capitol in Richmond
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Interesting Virginia county trivia

While several states have an independent city embedded within them, Virginia is the only one that makes it a common practice. There are 38 independent cities which are not part of any county, and are considered "county-equivalents" for purposes of the census.

Counties in Virginia

Below are the 133 counties / independent cities in Virginia. Although infrequent, counties sometimes do change so please let me know if any of this information is out of date and I will update it. Those counties that I have visited are in Red. If I have a photograph or other item associated with a county somewhere else on my website, there will also be a link.
  1. Accomack: Chincoteague and Assateague; Off Season; Assateague Island Lighthouse; Tangier Island in the Chesapeake Bay; Tangier Island Ferry
  2. Albemarle: Beer Trail
  3. Alexandria (Independent City): My Speech; Reverberations of a Doomed Expedition; Trailer Park Nation; Former District of Columbia Boundary Stones; Jones Point Light; Shenandoah Brewing Company; Switching Sides
  4. Alleghany: Falling Spring Falls; Humpback Bridge
  5. Amelia
  6. Amherst
  7. Appomattox
  8. Arlington: Smallest county in Virginia and smallest self-governing county in the United States (26 square miles); Four Courts Four Miler; 26 meets 31; Nest of Spies; When Categories Collide!; Where They Lived as Children; Even More Unusual Signs; Highway to Park; Our Lady of the Gas Pump; Memorial Day; Farm to Market; Divine Apartments; GPS and Genealogy; Reversible; History, Geography and Fitness; Spike House for Sale; Geography as Pitcher Plant; A Tale of Three Ridges; My Smallest Park; Arlington County Will Grow,; All Those Modes of Transportation,; Penciling-In Reagan; The John McCain Flight; Abingdon Plantation Ruins; Silly Little Highway; Former District of Columbia Boundary Stones; Fort C.F. Smith; Washington DC Area's Last Phone Booth; Bardo Rodeo; Blue-N-Gold Brewing Company; Capitol City Brewing Company; Rock Bottom Brewery; Crystal City
  9. Augusta: Augusta Bump
  10. Bath: Appalachian Loop; Taking a Bath
  11. Bedford
  12. Bland
  13. Botetourt: Pronounced HOW?
  14. Bristol (Independent City): Quadripoint Boundary Cross
  15. Brunswick
  16. Buchanan
  17. Buckingham
  18. Buena Vista (Independent City)
  19. Campbell
  20. Caroline: Last Stand at Garrett Farm; Bowling Greener; No more rest?; Ladysmith
  21. Carroll
  22. Charles City County: Oldest Continuous Businesses
  23. Charlotte: Virginia Smoking Ban
  24. Charlottesville (Independent City): Three Notches; Smoots and Potrzebies; No Names and Nameless; Carnage, Slaughter and Mayhem; Blue Ridge Brewing Co.; Starr Hill Restaurant & Brewery
  25. Chesapeake (Independent City): Bordersplit; Great Dismal Canal
  26. Chesterfield: Chesterfield Tendril
  27. Clarke: Dinosaur Land; Wine Adventure
  28. Colonial Heights (Independent City)
  29. Covington (Independent City)
  30. Craig: Craig County Public Library
  31. Culpeper: Journey Through Hallowed Ground
  32. Cumberland
  33. Danville (Independent City)
  34. Dickenson: Macaca Moment; Stateline Overlook
  35. Dinwiddie
  36. Emporia (Independent City)
  37. Essex: Land of Disco
  38. Fairfax: Largest county population in Virginia (969,749 people in 2000 Census); Fairfax Enclave; State Nickname Streets; The Spots Not Covered; Ghost Towns; Just Keep Turning; Lucky 7 & the Ghost Kid; Real Virginia Border; Name That Smell; The Other Mount Vernon; Former District of Columbia Boundary Stones; Great Falls Park; Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum - Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center; Sweetwater Tavern
  39. Fairfax City (Independent City): Fairfax City Highpoint; Just the -fax, Ma'am
  40. Falls Church (Independent City): Smallest independent city in Virginia and smallest "county equivalent" in the United States (2 square miles); Railroad Cottages; When Categories Collide!; Not Fusion, CONfusion; Former District of Columbia Boundary Stones; Mad Fox Brewing Company
  41. Fauquier: The Spots Not Covered
  42. Floyd: Of Of
  43. Fluvanna
  44. Franklin
  45. Franklin (Independent City)
  46. Frederick
  47. Fredericksburg (Independent City)
  48. Galax (Independent City)
  49. Giles: Sinking Creek Bridge
  50. Gloucester
  51. Goochland
  52. Grayson: Grayson Pinch; Of Of; Alleghany/Grayson Border
  53. Greene
  54. Greenesville
  55. Halifax: Virginia Smoking Ban; Dueling Portmanteau Placenames
  56. Hampton (Independent City): Tucker Family Cemetery; Fortress Fixation
  57. Hanover: Williamsville Brewery
  58. Harrisonburg (Independent City)
  59. Henrico: Pronounced HOW?
  60. Henry
  61. Highland: Smallest county population in Virginia (2,536 people in 2000 Census): Devils Backbone; Appalachian Loop
  62. Hopewell (Independent City)
  63. Isle of Wight
  64. James City County: Quadripoint Boundary Cross; Jamestown Field Trip; Jamestown-Scotland Ferry
  65. King and Queen
  66. King George: By George
  67. King William
  68. Lancaster
  69. Lee: Remote Southwestern Virginia; Virginia, West of West Virginia; Getting There
  70. Lexington (Independent City)
  71. Loudoun: Loudoun Wine Adventure; Selden Island; Warp Drive; Runway 01L-19R; Washington-Dulles International Airport Panorama; White's Ferry; Old Dominion Brewing Co.; Vintage 50 Restaurant & Brew Lounge
  72. Louisa
  73. Lunenburg
  74. Lynchburg (Independent City)
  75. Madison
  76. Manassas (Independent City): Manassas Highpoint
  77. Manassas Park (Independent City): Manassas Park Highpoint
  78. Martinsville (Independent City)
  79. Mathews
  80. Mecklenburg
  81. Middlesex
  82. Montgomery: Bull & Bones Brewhaus & Grill
  83. Nelson: Beer Trail
  84. New Kent
  85. Newport News (Independent City): Land Swap; Revisiting the Swap; Named for Captain Newport
  86. Norfolk (Independent City): Other State Nickname Thingies; International Capitals in the USA; Pronounced HOW?
  87. Northampton: Move the Road; Silver Beach - East Coast Sunset over Water; Chesapeake Bay Car Ferries; For Aficionados of Counties
  88. Northumberland: Tangier Island Ferry; Longest county name (14 characters) - tied with Northumberland County, Pennsylvania.
  89. Norton (Independent City): Smallest independent city population in Virginia and the United states (3,904 people in 2000 Census).
  90. Nottoway
  91. Orange
  92. Page: Hazy Hedge Maze Memories
  93. Patrick
  94. Petersburg (Independent City): Plank Roads
  95. Pittsylvania: Largest county in Virginia (978 square miles).
  96. Poquoson (Independent City): Lowest Highpoints
  97. Portsmouth (Independent City)
  98. Powhatan
  99. Prince Edward: Sydney Tentacles
  100. Prince George: Prince George Exclave; Disputanta
  101. Prince William: Prince William Enclave; Real Virginia Border; Make a Bee Line; Quantico - The Ultimate Gated Community; Quantico Cascades; Worst Commute in the USA; Triangle
  102. Pulaski
  103. Radford (Independent City)
  104. Rappahannock: Flip-Flopping; Short Distance Namesakes
  105. Richmond: Not the City; That Other Warsaw
  106. Richmond (Independent City): Three Notches; The Oddity That Got Away; Named for Captain Newport; Virginia Smoking Ban; Name That Smell; Can You Tell Me How to Get; Richbrau Brewing Company; Legend Brewing; Scott's Addition
  107. Roanoke
  108. Roanoke (Independent City)
  109. Rockbridge: Natural Bridges
  110. Rockingham
  111. Russell
  112. Salem (Independent City)
  113. Scott
  114. Shenandoah: Shenandoah Caverns; Meems Bottom Bridge; Appalachian Loop; Eric Henn Murals
  115. Smyth
  116. Southampton: Every Cardinal Direction
  117. Spotsylvania: My Little Poni; Blue & Gray Brewing Co.
  118. Stafford: Bull's Eye
  119. Staunton (Independent City): Appalachian Loop; Presidential Birthplaces; Pronounced HOW?
  120. Suffolk (Independent City): Largest independent city in Virginia and the United States (400 square miles).
  121. Surry: Jamestown-Scotland Ferry
  122. Sussex
  123. Tazewell: Bluefield on the Border
  124. Virginia Beach (Independent City): Largest independent city population in Virginia (435,619 people in 2000 Census); Chesapeake Bay Car Ferries; Railroad Ferry; Drive Me Crazy
  125. Warren: I Just Liked the Photo
  126. Washington: Quadripoint Boundary Cross; Every Cardinal Direction
  127. Waynesboro (Independent City)
  128. Westmoreland: Legalized Gambling in Colonial Beach (1940's-1950's); Presidential Birthplaces
  129. Williamsburg (Independent City): Quadripoint Boundary Cross; A Colonial Capital; Hazy Hedge Maze Memories; Colonial Colleges; Williamsburg AleWerks
  130. Winchester (Independent City)
  131. Wise
  132. Wythe: 81 on 81; Certainly Not Austin
  133. York: Land Swap; Revisiting the Swap

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