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Tyranena Brewing Company

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Also see the BIG VISIT MAP 1025 Owen St., Lake Mills, WI

I have visited Tyranena Brewing Company,
at their Prado Center location in Fulton County, Georgia, USA.

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Reason for Visit: We were driving past Atlanta as part of a longer trip we were taking down to the Gulf coast. Sandy Springs was a convenient place to stop for the night, and of course having a brewpub nearby was a nice bonus.

Tyranena Brewing Company Coaster Coaster: The Tyranena Brewing Company coaster is a full-color oval configuration on a white background. The name of the brewery appears in large black horizontal type across the center of the image. An upper arc proclaims "Legendary Wisconsin Beer" and a lower arc notes the location of the brewery.
Tyranena Brewing Company Coaster - Back Coaster - Back: Coaster reads as follows:

"The story of Tyranena (pronounced Tie-rah-nee-nah) began long before history was written. Legend tells of a foreign tribe that built a series of stone structures and effigy mounds on the edge of a lake they called Tyranena. Today, these stone structures lie deep beneath the waters of Rock Lake. No one is certain who built them, the purposes they served, or how they became submerged. In fact, no one really knows what 'Tyranena' means. We invite you to develop your own theories while enjoying one of the new legends of Tyranena: the Legendary Wisconsin Beers of the Tyranena Brewing Company."

Tyranena Brewing Company Sampler Glass Glassware: The Tyranena Brewing Company sampler glass contains the same color logo printed on clear glass.
Tyranena Brewing Company Glass - back Glassware: And the back of the sampler glass once again proclaims "Legendary Wisconsin Beer."
Tyranena Brewing Company Ceramic Mug Glassware: Tyranena Brewing Company Ceramic Mug. Each year Tyranena commissions a ceramic mug from a local artisan. I think they are designed for their mug club, but perhaps one of their regulars can educate me on that point. A family member picked this one up for me one year.

Sample list of beers produced by Tyranena Brewing Company

Items featured on these breweriana pages are personal souvenirs of my visits to these locations, and an expression of the events and travels leading to their collection. They are not for sale or for trade.

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