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I Have Completed The

Bend Ale Trail

in Bend, Oregon

I Completed the Bend Ale Trail in July 2012
in Bend (with a bonus location in Sisters), Deschutes County, Oregon, USA.

Brewery/Brewpub Location Map

Reason for Visit: There was no way that I was going to travel all the way to Bend, Oregon and not complete the ale trail. That would just be silly. We were there for eight days so it wasn't that difficult to accomplish. This page describes the Bend Ale Trail as it existed in 2012. Things could change so please check the official Bend Ale Trail website for participating breweries and all the fine print. I can't guarantee that your adventure will be identical to what I experienced especially as time passes.

Completing the Bend Ale Trail My Completed Passport: The premise behind the Bend Ale Trail is that you get a passport, stop at each participating brewery/brewpub, have a beer (or more) and get a stamp. Passports can be downloaded from the official website or they can be picked up at one of the brewpubs. I noticed blank passports all over town so they won't be hard to find. It's a great promotional effort. I would have stopped at several places although probably not all of the participating locations if I didn't have the notion of a reward hanging over me. I'm glad I did.
Bend Ale Trail Silipint Bend Ale Trail Silipints: Your prize for a completed passport is a free Bend Ale Trail Silipint. This is a pint glass made from 100% food grade silicone. You can drop it on the floor, push it into weird shapes, take it on a camping trip or to the beach. It doesn't matter -- it's unbreakable. "Free" is a relative term of course. I spent a considerable amount of money taking a family of four to a slew of brewpubs and ordering a bunch of meals in addition to samplers. The local economy of Bend, Oregon made considerably more from me than the cost of a Silipint, and of course that's the point. It was a great time.
Bend Ale Trail Patch Bend Ale Trail Patch (bonus): There was a tenth participating brewery that wasn't located in Bend. It was Three Creeks Brewing located up the road in Sisters. It was the only stop that required a drive out of town so it was handled as an optional stamp on the passport. This final stop offers a bonus prize. I couldn't find it listed anywhere so we found out when we turned in our completed passports. It's a patch. I plan to glue a magnet on it and stick it to my beer refrigerator in the basement.

Participating Breweries Belonging to the Bend Ale Trail in 2012 (others have since been added)

Items featured on these breweriana pages are personal souvenirs of my visits to these locations, and an expression of the events and travels leading to their collection. They are not for sale or for trade.

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