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Quick Links to those Pages Featuring Videos

I've started adding short videos I've filmed to some of the pages on the website to enhance your viewing experience. Some visitors may want to go to video-enhanced pages in particular so this index has been created to link to those sites with minimum effort. Feel free to view the video here or go to the detailed pages for further information, maps and photographs, following the convenient links provided below.

Canal Street / Algiers Ferry (video from April 2008)

This video records our Mississippi River traverse from the base of Canal Street in New Orleans across to Algiers Point in April 2008. This presents scenic views of the waterfront on both sides of the river from multiple perspectives. See the Canal Street / Algiers Ferry page for more details.

Canal Street Pier (video from October 2007)

I tried to do the same thing on an earlier trip in October 2007 but the ferry had been taken out of service for the afternoon. This video provides a closeup view of the ferry at its Canal Street dock as well as some of the waterside sights in the immediate vicinity. See the Canal Street / Algiers Ferry page for more details.

The West Cornerston (video from March 2008)

The newly created District of Columbia needed its boundaries surveyed. Andrew Ellicott set out in 1791 to mark the borders, placing stones at regular intervals. The Washington, DC Boundary Stones page provides further information about several of the stones now in Virginia since the retrocession of 1847 including the video, several photographs and explanatory text.

Fenwick Island Lighthouse

The Fenwick Island Lighthouse has served as an aid to navigation since the 1850's. It sits on the Delaware side of the Delaware/Maryland border a couple of blocks away from the Atlantic Ocean. A carved stone immediatly in front of the lighthouse marks the eastern terminus of the Transpeninsular Line, which settled a colonial-era land distpute.

Rehoboth Beach

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. We took our initial winter trip here in February 2004. Four years later we returned and added some video footage to the page. In the summer this placed is swamped with people. See how deserted and isolated it gets in February when a few lonely visitors have the entire beach to themselves.

Dinosaur Land

The Dinosaur Land page describes our visit to this roadside Americana attraction outside of Winchester, Virginia. It includes five photographs, a map and commentary along with the video.

The Jamestown-Scotland Ferry Crossing the James River

The Jamestown-Scotland Ferry page describes a journey between Scotland Wharf in rural Surry Co., VA and Glass House Point in the historic Jamestown Settlement park. It includes six photographs, a map and lots of narrative along with the video.

White's Ferry Crossing the Potomac River between Maryland and Virginia

The White's Ferry page discusses the history of the ferry and its namesake, a description of the facilities, a little about the bridge controversy and an outline of major flood events. In addition to the video the page has four photographs, a map and descriptive text.

Demolition Derby Short Track Race, Upperco, Maryland

The Demolition Derby page covers demolition and short-track events taking place over several years at an annual fundraising event held throughout the summer by the Arcadia Volunteer Fire Department in Upperco, Maryland. In addition to the video the page has six photographs, a map and descriptive text.

Cannon Fire at Ft. Pulaski, Savannah, Georgia

The Fort Pulaski National Monument page provides an overview of this historic Civil War defensive fort made obsolete by changing technology. In addition to the video the page has two photographs and descriptive text.

Taughannock Falls, Cayuga Lake, New York

The Finger Lakes Waterfalls page includes several of the major waterfalls in the vicinity of Cayuga and Seneca Lakes. In addition to the video the page has four photographs and descriptive text.

Buttermilk Falls, Ithaca, New York

The Finger Lakes Waterfalls page has two videos! See the description on the previous entry.

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