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Old World Wisconsin, August 10, 2002

Eagle, Wisconsin

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[Witte Outhouse]
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The Witte Outhouse

Old World Wisconsin, south of the town of Eagle, is an outdoor living history museum operated by the Wisconsin Historical Society. Vintage buildings from throughout the state have been carefully transported to the site and reassembled in their historical context. Different locations in Old World Wisconsin represent the various cultural groups that settled the state, and costumed interpreters bring the past back to life. In the photograph above, three generations of my wife's family visit the famous 3-holed "Witte Outhouse" that came from her great-great-grandfather's farm. Her ancestor's name was August Witte, who immigrated with his parents from Germany around 1850 and settled in Emmet, Dodge Co., Wisconsin. The outhouse probably dates to 1873-1880.

Sure, it may not be the most prestigious artifact in the world but what does your family have preserved in a museum?

This is the first photograph in this series.

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