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Apostle Islands / Bayfield Peninsula (2007)

Interactive Map of Locations Featured in Narratives and Photographs

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Bayfield Peninsula and the Apostle Islands

Few areas can rival the natural beauty of the Apostle Island and the Bayview Peninsula. Wisconsin borders Lake Superior only briefly but this stately wedge takes full advantage of its limited coastline. The islands are a national treasure full of rocky cliffs, sandy beaches, and pristine wilderness. Much of the peninsula's northern shoreline and all but one of the islands fall within the boundaries of the U.S. National Park Service's Apostle Island National Lakeshore. Many of these protected features are accessible only by water. Often overlooked in the shadow of the park, however, are the populated places of the Bayfield Peninsula and the archipelago, which also present their own charm and beauty: quaint historic towns such as La Pointe (on Madeline Island), Cornucopia, and Bayfield; fertile orchards and pick-your-own berry farms; unlimited hillside views of Lake Superior around every corner; and access to abundant fishing, sailing and kayaking.

We only scratched the surface during our brief journey across the Bayfield Peninsula and through the innermost section of the Apostle Island. We could have been here twice as long and still not have come close to seeing everything on our list.

These Apostle Islands / Bayfield Peninsula travel adventure pages contain narratives and photographs of many areas within the National Lakeshore and its surrounding environment. This map will allow you to see an approximate location for each site or feature documented during our travels. It also includes links to additional pages where you can learn more about each spot accompanied by larger photographs. The interactive map allows viewers to move around by dragging the image, zoom in or out, or switch to satellite mode.

Should you not have Javascript enabled or if you simply prefer not to use the map, here are links to individual Apostle Islands / Bayfield Peninsula pages.