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Everett to Seattle, Washington
May 16, 1998

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[Seattle Harbor]
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Fireboat at the Seattle Maritime Festival

It promised to be a pleasant day as we drove the short distance into Seattle straight to the waterfront. Coincidentally the Seattle Maritime Festival was held that weekend and there were many activities to keep us busy. We started our tour by taking a ride around the harbor in a sightseeing boat, glimpsing skyscrapers towards the east and snow-capped mountains on the Olympic Peninsula to the west. Military vessels displayed festive banners and sailors stationed themselves along the decks, dressed suitably for the occasion. Tugboats raced across the harbor and a fireboat shot water cannons into the air in celebration. Later we walked through Pioneer Square and the public market. Mostly though, we simply enjoyed being out in the warm sunny weather that eluded us through much of the trip.

And then we returned home.

[IMAGE: Pike Street Brewery coaster]
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  • Lunch: Pike Brewing Company (Seattle, WA).

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