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Portland, Oregon to Tacoma, Washington
May 13, 1998

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[Ft. Nisqually]
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Fort Nisqually Historic Site

The rain kept falling so we took our time getting ready that morning. We wandered into downtown Portland and shopped, and tried to stay warm and dry. Ed (mentioned earlier) and John (who shall also remain otherwise nameless because this is the Internet), from my employer's Portland office met us for lunch. They assured us that Mt. Hood could be viewed on a nicer day, but the only mountain I'd seen during the entire trip was the one on the Washington State license plate.

Intermittent rain made the drive up I-5 into Washington somewhat unbearable and the storm returned to its previous intensity as we approached Tacoma. Originally we planned to spend the afternoon walking around at Pt. Defiance Park but the weather limited our choices. Nonetheless we enjoyed the Ft. Nisqually Historic site, a restored version of an original Hudson Bay Company outpost.

We checked into the inn a little early, partly to get dry and partly to catch our breath from several days of travel. We brought a growler home from the local brewpub and relaxed in front of the fireplace.

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[IMAGE: Bighorn Brewing coaster]
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[IMAGE: Engine House 9 logo]
  • Lunch: Rock Bottom Brewery (Portland, OR location).
  • Tasting: Bighorn Brewing Company (Tacoma, WA location).
  • Dinner: Engine House 9 (Tacoma, WA).

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