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Breweriana collected in the Pacific Northwest
May 8-17, 1998

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[WA/OR Breweriana]
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Glasses, growlers, coasters and stickers collected on the trip

Anyone who knows me understands that I like fine tasting beers so we compiled a large collection of breweriana on our trip to the Pacific Northwest. The photograph above shows the full set of glasses, growlers, coasters, and stickers. The collection made it home without too much difficulty other than the weight of our carry-on bags. The images below, composed of close-ups from coasters and stickers we compiled, show brewery logos in more detail.

[IMAGE: Bank Brewing coaster]
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[IMAGE: Bighorn Brewing coaster]
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[IMAGE: Creek Brewing logo] [IMAGE: Engine House 9 logo] [IMAGE: Eugene City Brewing sticker]
[IMAGE: Fish Brewery coaster]
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[IMAGE: Full Sail Brewery coaster]
See my Full Sail page
[IMAGE: High Street Brewery sticker] [IMAGE: McMenamins Ruby Ale logo]
See my McMenamins Edgefield page
[IMAGE: Oregon Fields coaster]
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[IMAGE: Pelican Brewery coaster]
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[IMAGE: Pike Street Brewery coaster]
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[IMAGE: Rogue Ale coaster]
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[IMAGE: Steelhead Brewery coaster]
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[IMAGE: Wild Duck Brewery coaster]
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This is the last photograph in this series.

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