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Largs, Scotland (January 2000)

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[Swans in Largs]
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Swans along the promenade in Largs

We found Largs, about thirty miles west of Glasgow on the Firth of Clyde, mostly by accident. We decided to stay out of the Highlands our final night to make sure we could reach the airport the next morning. We wanted a location near the airport but also somewhere scenic, and Largs matched both needs. We got lucky and had another beautiful, sunny, well-above-freezing day. The townspeople appreciated it too, and many strolled along the promenade that hugged the coast. Opportunistic swans begged for handouts.

We had perfect weather in Largs the next morning and began the drive back to Glasgow. A huge dome of fog hugged the airport in an obvious case of foreshadowing. Our flight barely made it out. The connecting flight went well but then the largest snowstorm of the season smacked much of the eastern United States, closing dozens of airports, canceling more than two thousand flights, and stranding us several hundred miles from home. Fortunately the airline placed us in a hotel for the night and our flight continued the next morning. When we got back we had to dig our car out of the airport lot, and dig up our driveway back home. Total elapsed travel time: 35 hours. I'm not complaining, we had a great time, but this is why tourists are scarce and hotels are cheap during the off-season.

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