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Urquhart Castle, Scotland (January 2000)

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[Urquhart Castle]
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Urquhart Castle on Loch Ness

The remains of Urquhart Castle rested atop the western bank of Loch Ness, near Drumnadrochit. The castle commanded the Great Glen between the thirteenth and seventeenth centuries until it became strategically unimportant and fell into decay. While this makes it rather picturesque, one can imagine how imposing it must have appeared in its day. On the left of the photograph is the tower-house. At one time it included a bedchamber and a dining room for the lord, a defensive platform, a garret, and a basement storage cellar. The foreground contained a causeway to the gatehouse entrance. Most of the castle sat off to the right, outside the range of the photograph. Loch Ness shimmered in the background, but no signs of the monster could be detected.

We completed a circle around Loch Ness, including a brief stop in Inverness for lunch and a little shopping. On the eastern side we viewed a waterfall tucked in a hollow below the town of Foyers. Some of the eastern road section went down to a single lane with pull-offs for oncoming cars. I successfully navigated through the obstacles mainly because there weren't any other vehicles. Fortunately within a couple of days I overcame my long-standing fear of driving on the left and eventually it became intuitive.

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