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Glen Coe, Scotland (January 2000)

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[Glen Coe]
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Glen Coe viewed from highway A82

We based ourselves near the town of Glencoe in the strikingly beautiful Scottish Highlands, in a valley with the same name, Glen ("valley") Coe. We decided in advance to stay in rural Scotland away from the cities, and chose Glencoe deliberately. We had little difficulty driving to nearby regions and returning to Glencoe the same day. Twisting, meandering roads required careful attention, but they provided amazing views like the one shown above. I took this photograph from one of the many roadside pull-offs. On the weekend, they served as the starting points for mountaineers hoping to scale the steep peaks rising above the glen. Although we enjoy hiking, the heights and the brutal weather were well beyond our abilities, so we certainly didn't mind confining ourselves to the valley sampling Real Ales.

Historical Note: An important event in Scottish history took place here in 1692: The Glen Coe Massacre.

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