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Vianden Castle

Luxembourg (August 1999)

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Vianden Castle

Vianden Castle set high above the town

Vianden, Luxembourg

The twisted route through the hills and valleys of northern Luxembourg, through Clervaux and Vianden, and the thick stands of forest were both scenic and fun to drive. We shared the road with mobs of motorcyclist and bicyclists that were also out to enjoy the views and the sunny weather. High atop the town of Vianden sat the picturesque castle shown in the photograph. It looked like something out of a fairy tale. Much of castle had been restored and nearly all of it was accessible to curious explorers like us.

We hiked the hills well above the castle to a point where most people wisely took a chair lift instead. From here we discovered commanding views of the castle, the small town of Vianden, and the gentle Our River as it snaked through the valley far below.