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The Marktplatz

Bernkastel-Kues, Germany (August 1999)

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The Marktplatz

Typical architecture in the Marktplatz


We drove up from Trier along the spectacular Mosel Weinstrasse (Mosel River wine road). The route crossed back and forth along the meandering Mosel from one small town to another. Lush vineyards climbed skyward from the valley on both sides of the river for fifty miles or more. Each hamlet seemed to have its own wine festival proudly advertised with banners at its entrance.

By mid-day we reached the dual towns of Bernkastel-Keus set astride opposite banks of the Mosel. We concentrated on Bernkastel and its lovely Marketplatz. Bernkastel has done an excellent job of preserving its past. Many of the building looked as historic and well-preserved as the one pictured above. Much of the town was reserved solely for pedestrian traffic since some of the roads were only a few feet across!