Counties in Idaho that I have Visited

There are 44 counties in Idaho
The Gem State

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Idaho County Outline Map

Idaho, courtesy of: Mob Rule

I have visited 5 Counties = 11.4% of Counties in Idaho


Amazing Formations in Minnetonka Cave

State Capitol in Boise
State Highpoint at Borah Peak

Counties in Idaho

Below are the 44 counties in Idaho. Although infrequent, counties sometimes do change so please let me know if any of this information is out of date and I will update it. Those counties that I have visited are in Red. If I have a photograph or other item associated with a county somewhere else on my website, there will also be a link.
  1. Ada: Largest county population in Idaho (300,904 people in 2000 Census); Star Garnet Brewing; Table Rock Brewpub; What's the Meridian?
  2. Adams: Brundage Mountain ski resort
  3. Bannock
  4. Bear Lake: Minnetonka Cave
  5. Benewah
  6. Bingham
  7. Blaine
  8. Boise: Bogus; Horseshoe Bend
  9. Bonner: Oldtown
  10. Bonneville
  11. Boundary
  12. Butte
  13. Camas: Smallest county population in Idaho (991 people in 2000 Census).
  14. Canyon
  15. Caribou
  16. Cassia: Rise and Fall of Idahome
  17. Clark
  18. Clearwater
  19. Custer
  20. Elmore: Sawtooth Elsewhere; Mountainous Claims
  21. Franklin
  22. Fremont: Going Postal
  23. Gem
  24. Gooding
  25. Idaho: Largest county in Idaho (8,485 square miles); USA Time Zone Anomalies, Part I
  26. Jefferson
  27. Jerome
  28. Kootenai: That Recurring State Line
  29. Latah: Three American Moscows; What State U
  30. Lemhi
  31. Lewis
  32. Lincoln
  33. Madison: Highest Religious Affiliation
  34. Minidoka
  35. Nez Perce: Farthest Inland Port; Lewiston
  36. Oneida
  37. Owyhee
  38. Payette: Smallest county in Idaho (408 square miles).
  39. Power
  40. Shoshone: The Center of the Universe; The Last Stoplight on Interstate 90; No-see-um Lake; Wallace Redux
  41. Teton: Adjacent Counties, Same Name, Different States
  42. Twin Falls
  43. Valley
  44. Washington

Quick facts about Idaho


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