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A Belgian Wedding

Brussels, Belgium (August 1999)

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At the Reception

We relaxed at the reception after attending the wedding

Brussels, Belgium

Eric and Carol had a beautiful wedding and reception. Even the weather cooperated, which is remarkable since it's never a sure thing in Belgium. My wife and I had never been to a wedding in Belgium so it was a totally new experience. We learned that it was more like a marathon requiring a steady pace than the quicker American version.

The civil ceremony took place at 10:30 am, followed by the church service at 11:30, followed by the reception at 12:30 pm. We didn't speak Flemish or French but nonetheless found enough similarities to tell what was happening at any given moment in the ceremonies. Twelve hours, two meals, a dessert buffet, and plenty of dancing later we finally left the reception exhausted. It showed no signs of slowing down when we departed and I'm sure it went on for at least another couple of hours. Although we were very tired at the end, we had a great time and will always have wonderful memories.