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Val St. Lambert

Seraing, Belgium (September 1998)

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Val St. Lambert

The Val St. Lambert crystal studio

Seraing, Belgium

Seraing can be found just outside of Liège in eastern Belgium. Eric had mentioned that he'd wanted to visit the Val St. Lambert glassworks for quite a while, and it sounded like a great idea to us. One large building contained furnaces used to heat glass, and housed various crafts in different stages of production. The same complex held a museum of crystal artwork. It also contained separate shops for items made by apprentices versus master artisans, with objects priced accordingly. We watched the gentleman pictured above use his expert skills to turn a lump of glass into an attractive vase.

Occasionally people wandering the Internet find this page and want to know if I have more information on how to contact Val St. Lambert. Regrettably, other than this one visit, I haven't had any contact with them and I am truly sorry that I can't help any further.