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Australia's Mt. Coot-tha

From the Summit (October 1997)

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At Mt. Coot-tha

Brisbane Lookout

Mt. Coot-tha

My wife and I rented a car, and drove the short distance from Brisbane to Mt. Coot-tha. An overlook provided excellent views of Brisbane and a convenient place to grab a cup of coffee. Later we drove out further to Mt. Nebo, then down through the Samford Valley, and back into Brisbane.

I didn't enjoy driving on the left side of the road. Driving through the mountains wasn't particularly difficult, although I tended to overcompensate by staying further from the center than necessary. I found city driving much more stressful. Dealing with numerous "roundabouts" (traffic circles), one-way roads, and heavy traffic, along with being used to the other side of the road, was more complexity than I wanted to handle. A totally-evil double roundabout near the base of Mt. Coot-tha caused additional frustration, as I circled round and round trying to hit the proper exit. My apologies go out to anyone who happened to be driving in the area that day.

We returned the rental car early. Fortunately Sara wanted to take one of the side-trips we'd already planned, and she graciously volunteered to drive.