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Brisbane Australia at Sunset

(October 1997)

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Brisbane at Sunset

Brisbane Skyline

Photo Location

Next we flew up the coast to Brisbane, Queensland. We stayed with Sara, who is my wife's friend and who used to be her co-worker before Sara decided to move to Australia [Note -- she has since moved back to the United States]. I won't post her last name on the Internet though because she might not appreciate it.

We never would have gone to Australia if it hadn't been for Sara. We greatly appreciated the opportunity Sara provided for us to visit and the hospitality she extended once we arrived.

Great views of Brisbane like the one above could be seen from the City Cat, a system of high-speed ferries that ran a circuit up and down the river. A day-long pass cost something like $6 (Australian). This was a great bargain. We rode at the front of a City Cat for a full circuit of a couple of hours, and got a great, inexpensive tour of Brisbane. Sara served as tour guide, providing a running commentary on Brisbane sights and attractions. The only downside was a horrific case of "Cat Hair" once we finished.

Sara had a great apartment on the river at Kangaroo Point, and I spent several occasions lounging on the balcony, sampling Australian brews, watching the river traffic go by.