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Cape Byron Lighthouse

Byron Bay NSW, Australia (October 1997)

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Cape Byron Lighthouse

Cape Byron Lighthouse

Cape Byron

Cape Byron is the eastern most point on the continent, where "Australia greets the day." Strange geographic trivia has always fascinated me, so I dragged my wife as far along the cape as possible. We were running short on time so we missed our goal by a few hundred yards. Close enough though.

The lighthouse sat high atop the cape, with excellent views in all directions. Immediately north sat Byron Bay and a town with the same name. The beach formed a large, attractive crescent of sand, and a shady park sat right behind that. Byron Bay, the town, seemed to be a throwback to the 1960's hippie era and would have fit nicely somewhere along the California coast. Fascinating boutiques catered to a nomadic surfer lifestyle. The mood was pervasive and I could have easily spent a couple of days sleeping on the beach. But we had to get back on the bus (Sara had to work so she couldn't drive us, and remember I returned the rental car earlier). An obnoxious unwashed smelly guy sat right behind us. That pretty well destroyed the mood.

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