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Australia's Tweed River & Mt. Warning

Along the Water (October 1997)

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Tweed River & Mt. Warning

Mt. Warning in the Distance

Tweed River

Our next adventure took us south of Brisbane, through the "Gold Coast" and Surfer's Paradise, and back over the border into New South Wales. When we left Sydney earlier in our trip, New South Wales and Queensland were on the same time. However in the meantime, New South Wales switched to Daylight Savings Time, preparing for Summer, while Queensland remained on Standard Time. The United States reverted back to Standard Time, preparing for Winter. I couldn't figure out what time it was anywhere.

We took a leisurely cruise down the Tweed River, along quiet stretches covered by sugarcane fields to the tiny town of Tumbulgum. Mt. Warning dominated the landscape. Albatross and other birds could be seen in abundance.