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Sydney Austrailia Skyline

As Viewed from the Taronga Zoo (October 1997)

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Sydney Skyline

Downtown Sydney, Australia

Taronga Zoo

After twenty hours of flight from the east coast of the United States, we reached Australia, and arrived in Sydney with fourteen hours of jet lag to make up.

We took this photograph from the north side of Port Jackson at the Taronga Zoological Gardens. From there we could get a great view of the harbour, the Opera House and the many tall buildings in the Sydney central business district.

Ferries regularly departed Circular Quay (pronounced "key") in Sydney Cove for the zoo. The fare included transportation across the harbour, admission to the zoo, and a cable care ride up to the zoo entrance at the top of a bluff. The zoo had the usual animals one would expect at any large zoo, plus a wide assortment of Australian species. We focused on the Australian animals because we didn't expect to see too many of them in the wild.

We found the ferries to be convenient and efficient, and the spectacular views of the city were an added bonus. Ferries constantly entered and departed Circular Quay for points all around Sydney. We took one ride at night to see the harbour lights, and although we were impressed with the scene and the colors, our photographs didn't turn out well.