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Somewhere Between Juneau and Sitka

Inside Passage, Southeastern Alaska, USA (August 1995)

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Cruising Past Beehive Island

Route Between Juneau and Sitka

One of the benefits of small-ship sailing was our ability to fit through tight spaces where ordinary cruise ships would never dare to venture. To prove the point our ship threaded a needle between a rocky island and the shoreline, barely wider than the boat. The wall on the left was called Beehive Island in deference to its conical shape. Notice how steeply it juts from the water.

Rugged Coastline

Inside Passage Scenery

This was a typical scene in southeastern Alaska. We sailed along rugged shoreline and uncountable islands through overcast skies. Sometimes it rained but the sun would poke out moments later.

Alaska Cruise

Continuing Our Journey Towards Sitka

We continued to cruise towards Sitka. Snowcapped mountains appeared on the horizon.

Sea Otters in the Wild

Passing by a Raft of Sea Otters

Abundant wildlife could be seen everywhere. Whale watching from the deck became a popular activity but there were lots of other interesting things to see. We passed a raft of perhaps 20 sea otters floating in close proximity to each other. This can be seen at the center of the photograph if you look closely.