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Midnight Sun

Municipality of Anchorage, Alaska, USA (July 2000)

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Midnight Sun

Anchorage Late at Night

Midnight Sun Photo Location

Why would I post this image of a nondescript suburban street lined with generic chain stores that could be anywhere USA?

...Because this is Anchorage, Alaska and it's nearly midnight. I was in Anchorage on business in early July, just a few days after the summer solstice. The sun hardly sets this far north during the middle of summer. I took this photo from the window of my hotel near the airport. The tallest buildings in Alaska appear on the horizon in downtown Anchorage. It's not an overly inspiring view but it's a pretty amazing sight to someone from the Lower 48. Being able to see outside this late at night is bewildering if you haven't grown up with it.

After all, there's a reason why Alaska is called the Land of the Midnight Sun.