Weird Ohio Explorations

On November 10, 2009 · 5 Comments

A number of regular Twelve Mile Circle readers track to IP addresses in Ohio. With that in mind I thought I’d throw in something special their way, a Google Maps compilation that I recently stumbled across called "Weird Ohio Explorations."

I’ve had some fun poking around the waypoints the developer included on the map. You probably don’t even have to have a connection to Ohio to appreciate many of them although it might be useful.

Have any of the Ohio readers seen these sights?

View Weird Ohio Exploration in a larger map

It’s a little heavy on spooky supernatural stuff that doesn’t hold much appeal to a skeptic such as myself. Thankfully, however, there are enough boldly wacky spots to hold my interest. I’ve reproduced some of the attractions the developer mentioned in Street View for your amusement.

Here’s a water tower shaped like a pumpkin in Circleville, Ohio.

View Larger Map

This isn’t just some large basket, rather it’s an entire functional building shaped like a basket. It’s the home office of the Longaberger Basket company in Newark, Ohio. Their website explains that it’s composed of stucco over steel.

View Larger Map

This is an entire park filled with concrete corncobs in Dublin, Ohio. Good lord, it’s is so bizarre it borders on brilliant.

View Larger Map

Here I’ve sneaked in something historical. It’s not weird at all but I like historical sites so I’m invoking Writers Prerogative. It’s part of the Hope Iron Furnace complex (circa 1854-1874) in Allensville, Ohio.

View Larger Map

If you would like me to focus some attention on your state our country please let me know and perhaps offer some suggestions. I get great tips from viewers and love to explore areas I haven’t covered before.

Something totally unrelated

One of the search engines forwarded a viewer to my site earlier this evening under the search term "nice big mounds." Do you think the viewer may have been a tad bit disappointed when the image he requested produced the following?

Indian Mounds

These, of course, are ancient conical mounds found at Effigy Mounds National Monument in Iowa that date to before the arrival of Europeans in North America (featured in Wisconsin’s Great River Road, Day 2). They are indeed nice big mounds.

On November 10, 2009 · 5 Comments

5 Responses to “Weird Ohio Explorations”

  1. Greg says:

    This is fantastic, I didn’t know that site existed!

    I was just on North Bass Island (just west of Canada’s southernmost point) a couple days ago, and I heard that the two school-aged residents of the island have to be flown to the nearest school in Put-In-Bay on South Bass Island every day, and sometimes in the dead of winter the students drive [sic!] themselves there over the ice. I don’t know how common such arrangements are in other states, but it’s definitely unique here in Ohio.

    Link to germane article:

    • I recall something similar between Madeline Island (the only one of the Apostle Islands not part of the National Park) and Bayfield on the mainland, in Wisconsin. There is regular and frequent ferry service so there’s no flying of school children back-and-forth. However, because of its northern climate the ice road can exists for several months of the year. I was there in the middle of summer but I’ve been wanting to go back in Winter someday so I can drive that ice road!

  2. Alger says:

    If you want to ride the ice road out of Bayfield, WI, you have to hurry. It’s that there global climate change, donchaknow.

  3. Rachel says:

    I’m from Ohio, we have a place in a marina on East Harbor and I’ve seen Giant Jacques of Marblehead, although I didn’t know he had a name. My mom and I took pictures with him this summer, in case he ever gets destroyed or otherwise falls apart.

  4. Ruby Storms says:

    Your reference to the Hope Furnance is wrong. It is located in Zaleski, Ohio, not Allensville, Ohio. I grew up in Vinton County, OH and am delighted that you chose to post some of the history! =0)

    Ruby Storms

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