The Point of Five Nevis Parishes

On October 19, 2008 · 1 Comments

I’ve been on a border kick lately. You may have noticed that if you’ve been paying attention to the last several of posts. Quite some time ago I described a situation in Florida where five counties came together at a single point in the middle of Lake Okeechobee. Now something a little more dramatic: five parishes on the island of Nevis coming together on the top of a volcano! OK, actually a dormant volcano, but volcanoes can and do erupt in the Caribbean basin as Montserrat showed in 1995.

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Nevis is part of a tiny two-island nation, the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis, with Nevis the more diminutive of the two both in size and population. Only 12,000 people occupy its 36 square miles, a roughly oval shaped jewel with its longer diameter extending perhaps 7-8 miles. For some perspective, consider for a moment that Washington, DC, the capital district of the United States, is roughly double its size. So it’s definitely tiny.

5 Nevis Parishes join at a single point
SOURCE: Detail from a Wikimedia Commons file that has been released into the public domain by the copyright holder.

Now consider the five parishes of Nevis:

  • Saint Paul Charlestown
  • Saint John Figtree
  • Saint George Gingerland
  • Saint James Windward
  • Saint Thomas Lowland

They’re like wedges in a pie, with a common point atop the volcano, Nevis Peak! The smallest one, Saint Paul Charlestown, claims only a half-mile of coastline and consists of barely more than the town itself and it’s paltry slice of the mountain. You’d definitely walk away hungry if you grabbed only that puny slice. The parishes also have this interesting naming convention going on, a saint combined with a town or geographic descriptor, which is interesting but not really germane to this entry (other than the strangest things amuse me). Nevis Peak dominates the island by jutting some 3,232 feet (985 meters) just three miles from the sea. Flat coastal plains ring Nevis as does the population but Nevis Peak serves as a constant backdrop. Its rise is sharp and pronounced. This reminds me a lot of when I visited Pico in the Azores a few years ago.

So there is a single point on Nevis Peak where one could climb — and it’s possible to do although from what I’ve seen online it may be rather strenuous — where theoretically one could reach that magical spot. I’m not seeing any relevant Google hits on ” stand in five Nevis parishes simultaneously.” Will you be the first?

On October 19, 2008 · 1 Comments

One Response to “The Point of Five Nevis Parishes”

  1. hi howder
    the first to reach that magical spot may have been the local who lived there in the 1950s
    & cleared a summit patch
    tho it again appears overgrown

    but i may have been the first to reach the similar spot in the middle of lake okeechobee

    if you really want a live volcano tho
    & you dont mind going up to octapoints
    please see & enjoy

    ak md

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