Palau Checks In

On September 23, 2009 · 2 Comments

Twelve Mile Circle isn’t one of those sites that uses a lot of exclamation points, but today I am bestowing that rare honor to a statement because… I got my first website hit from Palau! It wasn’t one of those phony accidental hits either. This visitor from Palau actually remained on the site for a good couple of minutes.

Yes, the Republic Palau, the island nation in the Pacific Ocean that scores so highly on several "-est" categories: one of the newest (1994) to gain independence; one of the smallest (459 square kilometres) in size; one of the fewest (20,000) in population.

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Palau maintains a Compact of Free Association with the United States, and as part of that compact relies upon the United States for economic assistance and military defense. However, Palau is fully independent and belongs to the United Nations and other international bodies. It most definitely qualifies as a new location for visitors to this website.

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The hit arrived on my doorstep from Koror, the most populated locale in Palau with about 12,000 residents. For the life of me I can’t imaging what topic would have drawn someone from Palau to the site, and that’s probably why this is the only Palauan visitor in the nearly two years I’ve been tracking aggregate statistics. Combine that with the nation’s tiny population and I consider this a rather memorable occasion and certainly worthy of an exclamation point. It doesn’t take much to excite me.

Welcome, Palau. Tell all your friends from the rest of Micronesia to stop by too.

On September 23, 2009 · 2 Comments

2 Responses to “Palau Checks In”

  1. Scott says:

    And take a look at the REAL capital of Palau (Melekeok seems to be listed in some sources as the capiatal, but that is the name of the state, not the actual capital “city”.

    If you look at this area on satellite view, you can see why this is the smallest country capital by population…

  2. Lincoln Ho says:

    Did the guy from Palau go to various pages or did it take him that long to load up the page? lol. Jk. I’m sure it was a legit hit. You’re awesome!

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