No Way! Way!

On August 4, 2013 · 12 Comments

I noticed high-quality reader input on the recent He Went Thata Way article. I never imagined that there were so many creative Ways to approach the situation and it proved to me that I might be able to mine additional road name gold. I’d have said "No Way" while the 12MC audience responded "Way" and all that irrelevant quote from Wayne’s World accomplished was to make me feel old when I noticed that the movie was released in 1992, and of course based on a recurring theme from Saturday Night Live even earlier. Great. That was a fine way to start the week.(¹) Confronting my own mortality.

Let’s recap a few comments since I realize most viewers don’t go back once they’ve read the original article. It also gave me an opportunity to credit a few people for their excellent discoveries.

Throwita Way

  • Greg flagged Anchorsa Way in Saint Inigoes, MD (a waterfront community near a U.S. naval facility, not surprisingly)
  • Jbapo mentioned a garbage disposal company located on Throwita Way in Placerville, CA
  • Glenn noticed an abundance of Milky Way. I hoped to find one inspired by the candy bar. Alas, they all seemed to observe astronomical themes.

That got me thinking about the possible existence of No Way. Wouldn’t that be cool? Sadly I couldn’t find one. I did uncover North Way in Oceanside, California. One could abbreviate that as No. Way with a little twisted logic. Does that count? How about Know Place in New Bloomfield, Missouri?

Know Place, in Particular

"Where do you live? Know Place." I could see that creating a wonderful Who’s-on-First scenario without too much effort.

Then I decided to use Scrabble Finder to review every word ending in Way or Away. I don’t play much Scrabble and I spend Sunday morning writing Twelve Mile Circle instead of solving the New York Times’ crossword puzzle so I don’t normally have much use for this kind of tool. It felt a bit like cheating although it worked effectively enough for my purposes.

That allowed me to uncover numerous additional gems. I’ll highlight only a few:

  • LOTS of examples, too many to mention, for Drive Way, Express Way, High Way, Free Way, and Road Way. I did discover that the faster the implied speed of the name, the more rural and remote the location of the street in question (e.g., does this road look like a freeway?) It also amused me that Maps abbreviated Road Way as Rd Way.
  • Cara Way — as in the caraway seed used as a food seasoning — made frequent appearances. I don’t think residents consciously intended to be clever or funny. Cara has become a somewhat common given name for women (albeit waning in the last decade) and I’ve noticed that housing developers seem to have a penchant for naming streets after family members when they run out of other ideas.
  • Any Way? Everywhere.
  • I found Stowa Way in Daly City, CA; Cottonwood, CA; and Garden Valley, ID.
  • And Sea Way in Bodega Bay, CA; San Rafael, CA; and Harwich, MA.

Nor Way isn’t Norway

My favorite instance, however, did not appear on the list. That was Nor Way. I couldn’t tell if its usage implied Norwegian heritage or whether residents simply considered it amusing. Either way(²), I found Nor Way locations in Ithaca, NY; Barnstable, MA; and Harwich, MA.

Are we done with WAY or will the great 12MC audience continue to find even better examples?

Other Oddities

I would be remiss if I didn’t highlight additional recent input not directly related to today’s topic, although noteworthy as standalone curiosities.

  • Longtime reader Peter mentioned what he considered the "best street name anywhere." I concur for obvious reasons.
  • Finally, Doug sent an email to Twelve Mile Circle. It wasn’t about a street, rather a town. Take a look at the peculiar boundaries of Round Mountain, Texas including its spindly legs and a divot at its primary intersection.

I enjoy these little discoveries so kindly keep them coming!

(¹) Please forgive me if I sound a little surly. I’m still trying to ease back into normal 12MC production after my recent holiday. I appreciate everyone bearing with me as I posted a long series of travel articles. I know from reader statistics that those are not audience favorites, however I enjoy them so that’s what you got. I did try to sprinkle in a few genuine anomalies like the KYTNVA Tripoint and the Time Zone thingy in between Turtleman and the Interstate rest stop. The usual geo-oddities will now take center stage going forward until the next vacation.
(²) Either Way is in Boulder Creek, California, by the way.(³)
(³) Bytha Way is in Shelby, North Carolina.

On August 4, 2013 · 12 Comments

12 Responses to “No Way! Way!”

  1. January First-of-May says:

    Again, some misplaced tag seems to make everything down of it smaller 🙂
    (and, I loved that article… unfortunately, as far as I know, my native language doesn’t have a way – no pun intended – to get so many puns in street names)

  2. David Overton says:

    The official address of Microsoft’s corporate headquarters is One Microsoft Way, Redmond WA, which I guess is another example of this phenomenon. It’s maybe not as creative as some of the others, but I find it quite sinister considering Microsoft’s monopoly position in certain segments of the computer software market.

    Interestingly, the street that shows up on Bing Maps as Microsoft Way, is labelled as 157th Ave NE on Google Maps and OpenStreetMap. So has Microsoft unofficially changed the name of this street and got USPS to play along?

    • Aaron of Minneapolis says:

      Then, too, Apple named the (private) main road around its campus “Infinite Loop”.

      And while we’re on the subject of private streets, the Seagate hard drive plant in Bloomington, Minnesota, has an access road named Disk Drive. (Side note: There’s a public street called Computer Ave nearby, named back in the 1960s when Control Data was there.)

  3. David Kozina says:

    What can you come up with if you substitute Drive = Dr = Doctor?…
    Who Dr, Saluda, NC
    Oz Dr, Crestview, FL (and Chalmette, LA)
    Phil Dr, (multiple)
    Street = St = Saint?
    Way = Wy = Wyoming?
    Court = Ct = Connecticut?
    Just some random thoughts…

  4. Brandon says:

    I was recently on a business trip near the area of “Supreme Court” mentioned in one of your earlier articles. Of course I couldn’t let myself be so close and not drive by and grab a picture, so during my lunch break I drove over to the area and got a great picture of the street sign. Not sure how to post it in the comments, but feel free to email me if you’d like to use it on the blog or see it.

    • Supreme Court in Gaithersburg Maryland

      Thanks for sharing the photo with the readers of 12MC, Brandon. Here it is: Supreme Court in Gaithersburg, Maryland. A spectacular effort on your part, and much appreciated.

  5. flask says:

    there is a harm’s way in jericho, VT.

    their street sign is on a saw blade.

  6. kf4lar says:

    What about my hometown’s “Noe Way,” named after the family that lives on it and pronounced “No Way?”

    • Noe Way! 😉 The one spelling variation I didn’t check! Thank you for sharing.

      • kf4lar says:

        You’re welcome.

        By the way, I was looking at the “Complete Index and Map” recently, and discovered to my surprise that the tiny Wyoming town I live in had an article. Of course I clicked.

        And I was even MORE surprised that I was the reason for the article. I moved to Lyman from Alabama in 2009, bringing my internet favorites with me. I can only guess that I was crunched for time about then with an after work class three times a week to upgrade my EMT certification. Too bad you weren’t able to stop by Fort Bridger OR Lyman. Maybe in the future.

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