Gate Splits Border Community

On October 3, 2009 · Comments Off on Gate Splits Border Community

This is just a quick post for the morning to alert you to a news article in case you haven’t seen it yet: Gate splits border community, unites it in disdain. It deals with the historically unimpeded border between Derby Line, Vermont, USA and Stanstead, Québec, Canada.

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The storyline focuses on how the communities have long felt as one, but now are being split by steel gates that will cross formerly unguarded streets. It is alleged that drug smugglers and illegal immigrants have been using online mapping tools to find easy ways across the border, and how that has become unacceptable in a post 9-11 world. The concern is so palpable that I wonder if even my posting the map above might get me onto some kind of "list." Anyway, you can read it just as easily as I can describe it, so please take a look if this interests you.

Coincidentally, just yesterday I came across this while conducting some research for the article that will appear tomorrow:

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Idaho-Montana-British Columbia Tripoint

Yes, this is a portion of the USA – Canada border that appears to have been blurred and obscured intentionally by Google Maps. I’m guessing that’s intended to mask the exact locations of border towers and their mounted surveillance cameras. Otherwise they would be readily visible with the resolution generally chosen by Google Maps. The Derby Line – Stanstead image appears unblurred for the moment on the day that I’ve posted this (October 3, 2009) but for how long will that remain the case now that it’s been publicized in the popular news media?

On October 3, 2009 · Comments Off on Gate Splits Border Community

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