Christmas Fluff

Who reads 12MC on Christmas Day? Right. It’s just you and me today. Throw another log on the fire and don’t expect anything requiring research.

This leaves me in a bit of a conundrum. I usually post an article on Tuesday. I suppose I could take the day off which would be a sane and rational approach, or find something to throw together and keep the streak alive. I’m in a nice writing pattern so let’s see if I can warm up some leftovers for you and publish something mildly useful anyway.

Findery recently released an embedding capability. I think I’ll link a few items from my account there and call it a day. Much of what I post there happens to be truncated and recycled material from 12MC. Other times it’s completely new ramblings and that’s what I’ll embed. I don’t believe I have much cross-readership between the two sites so this will seem new-to-you even if it’s old. That’s the theory, anyway.

I’m still figuring out various ways to reach the Twelve Mile Circle audience. I’m always willing to experiment, then incorporate the good while discarding the bad. I’m hoping to interact with people in the best manner that interests them, on a broad spectrum between long-winded and brevity.

The domain (this site) provides information in long form. It’s my obvious favorite.

My Google+ account fills my micro-blogging niche. I’m still mulling over whether to add Twitter although I think it would probably just mirror what I put on Google+. Is there any overwhelming audience interest in Twitter? Fair warning, I post mostly useless stuff like my continuing amusement with random internet search queries (e.g., my most recent Google+ update: "I sense that someone is getting a little frustrated judging by this latest genuine 12MC search query: ‘are they only plowing the interstates and highways in des moine and to hell with town roads?‘"). In other words it would be just like every other Twitter feed. You’d only need to follow through Twitter or Google+, not both, if I do decide to add Twitter.

Findery fills a middle niche, not quite blogging and more than micro, so maybe it’s mini-blogging or Blogging Lite? I’m not getting much traction there, though. I love the concept and its firm grounding in geography. Now I need to figure out where I want to take that one in the new year.

12MC also continues to remain completely Facebook free for possibly irrational reasons described previously.

Frankly I’m getting a little concerned that I’m beginning to split too much time and creative energy between various social media sites. Quantity could begin to impact quality if I’m not careful. There are only so many hours in the day and all of these tools need to be fed continuously to grow.

Anyway, enjoy some fluff.

3 Replies to “Christmas Fluff”

  1. It is true that I do not read article on Christmas day 🙂 The maps show some nice places, too bad I’m so far away. Otherwise, I would definitely not miss them 🙂

  2. Well the thing about Google Plus is that, as I understand it, I can’t follow you. Instead you have to share with me. I’m not even sure of the etiquette in G+ to get one to share with me. Do I add you to my circles (just did)? What if I don’t post (rarely have anything to say)? Anyway, this makes lurking a lot harder. Twitter would allow anyone to follow you, which imo makes the readers’ lives easier.

    I may totally be wrong. G+ fans, please do educate me.

    1. I’m pretty sure you should be able to see every bit of drivel I post. I have only one Google+ circle that I use on my page (the Twelve Mile Circle, naturally) and I follow-back anyone who follows me. I see lots of stuff from 12MC readers and I know they see my stuff because I get occasional comments. For me, I see everything from everyone immediately upon entering Google+… guess it may depend on how you set up your circles?

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