Border Hunting Related Adventures

I’d like to recommend a blog I ran across recently, Hugh’s Border Blog ("Border Hunting Related Adventures").

As regular readers of Twelve Mile Circle already know, I’m unnaturally fascinated by borders, boundaries and divisions, whether artificial or natural. Hugh seems to have the same interest, maybe even more so, and he’s traveled all over Europe (and some in Asia) dutifully recording them. Each entry is fantastically illustrated with abundant and descriptive text, maps, photographs, and tons of video.

The site focuses attention on borders of all kinds including a few tripoints. These are spots where three borders come together at a single point, such as BEFRLU (Belgium-France-Luxembourg) and BEDENL (Belgium-Germany-Netherlands). I’m a sucker for this kind of stuff, but the best I’ve ever done is the joining of four primary jurisdictions in the United States (the 4-corner states) and three secondary jurisdictions (two counties and an independent city in Virginia). I’ve never done any international ones though, so Hugh has definitely outdone me.

I only wish that the blog had some recent activity, and hope that it hasn’t gone dormant. It looks like it’s updated in chunks so perhaps the next version may be coming around the corner. I does seem that he’s been doing this for awhile so I continue to hold out hope.

You can also head strait over to his YouTube site and see all of his videos available in one spot, too.

Check it out!

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  1. Thanks for the kind comments HOWDER. Yes – my trips come in spurts and sometimes it takes a while before I can write them up. I do actually have some material to post from the Dutch/German border that I visited again in August – especially a small town called Dinxperlo where the main street is divided between the 2 countries – need to find time to edit it. Next month I plan a trip to the Balkans, hopefully hitting Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey and Romania – possibly even Bosnia and Montenegro if I get time – we’ll have to see.

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